Things We Love: Picks from Pecha Kucha Columbus organizers

Pecha Kucha organizers

In 2003, the Pecha Kucha movement started in Tokyo. Just four years later, the event made its Columbus debut. Mixing images and stories in 20 brief, 20-second bursts (hence the 20x20 tagline), the initial event was spearheaded by the team of Roberto Jimenez, Stephanie Warsaw Patton, Lindsay Kenzig, Alexandra Fox, Sandhya Kochar and Jay Gopal. Now, four times a year the Pecha Kucha crew brings community and passions together. This year's Pecha Kucha, which takes place Thursday, March 16, marks the Columbus event's 10th anniversary and 40th event overall. Visit for more information.

Here are a few things current Pecha Kucha Columbus members (pictured left to right) Aiko Yonamine, Matthew Dyer, Shelagh Conley, Aleks Daskalov, Jill Moorhead, (and not pictured) James Thornburg and Jess Mathews love.

Hidden Spaces

Community can happen anywhere. We love that Pecha Kucha has been able to explore venues and nooks throughout the city, whether indoors, outdoors or a pop-up space, such as parking lots transformed into gathering spaces. We love the excitement of a construction crane and dug-up grounds giving birth to the next great space in the city. Columbus is full of places we reimagine and redefine, and we always look forward to where we'll 20x20 next!

People and the things that make them tick

Columbus residents continually impress and surprise us with the stories they have to tell. Across all cultures, interests and voices, Pecha-Kucha audiences hear discoveries and journeys. If we're lucky, we all get to lose ourselves along the way in the moments and emotions shared with us.

Underrated Libraries

Have you hugged a librarian lately? One past PK presentation turned a spotlight on Columbus libraries for a good reason. There are 251 public library systems in Ohio. Several in and around Columbus are consistently nationally recognized. Columbus Metropolitan Library, Grandview Heights, Upper Arlington, Westerville and Worthington Public Libraries all received accolades and top ratings! Not surprising, since Ohio is second only to New York in the number of highly rated libraries.


Who wouldn't like a meal that's not breakfast but not like an everyday lunch (plus bacon). It's two meals in one! Pancake balls at Katalina's? Yes please! The waffle bar and sunny patio of the Union in the Short North? That's a no-brainer! A brunch a week to compare all the Bloody Mary and mimosa bars? Count us in! Now, if we could only figure out a meal that lets us have breakfast foods all the way through dinner.


Of course! Without Columbus — and all of you — Pecha Kucha wouldn't be what it is. We love this city and all it has to offer. We can't wait to see what the next 10 years bring! See you on the streets, or in a hidden alley with a microphone.