Things We Love: Picks from singer Paisha Thomas

Paisha Thomas

Her primary medium for engaging the community is singing/songwriting. She also enjoys storytelling, ceramic sculpting and painting. Last year, Thomas launched a concert series called Cover Me 2016, which provides a platform for local artists and raises funds to help cover costs of music education for students in underserved populations.  Thomas and her band will be playing at Brothers Drake on Saturday, May 20.  (Doors open at 9 p.m. and the show starts at 10!) Taylor DeVault is the guest guitarist, and Thomas’ dope rhythm section consists of Andre Scott and Martin Brown. Here are a few things she loves.

Stand-up comedy

To unwind, I love to find good comedians who evoke belly laughter. A fly on the wall could tell countless stories about me laughing hysterically all by myself in my room.  I think laughter heals many an ailment. 

My grandkids

They're so smart and cute, as well as insightful.  They say things that make me think and they're hilarious.  I'll never forget the time Niyah Belle (then 1 year old) had a pair of boots with heels on them. She wore those things like she already knew how.   

My "job"

I actually quit a job last year making more money than I'd ever imagined.  But the money wasn't enough to keep me from feeling trapped by a life that I didn't want.  In addition to understanding the way humans and organizations work, I'm an artist.  I live for live music and appreciate good food.  Working at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza exposes me to those things that I love, and allows me to be who I am as a musician and creative personality.  The food is also delicious.  Have you had the Salmon Benedict during Sunday brunch? Have you been to a Gospel Soul Brunch show there? It's everything.  

The Moon

Many times I fear I'll be in a car accident due to catching too long a glimpse of the moon while driving.  The sky has always been captivating to me.  I love sunsets, clouds, the sun and beautiful landscapes with trees that seem to be painted along the sky.  When I was a little girl, I used to think the moon was following us as we drove down the street.  Didn't you? 


Whenever I wake up from a great dream, I wish I could go back to sleep and stay there dreaming for a while.  These days, it seems I don't sleep much and I miss my old friend (sleep).  Not enough can be said about getting the right amount of rest.  Here's to dreaming of more sleep at night!