Things We Love: Picks from Patrick Gangwer of Kindred Beer

Patrick Gangwer

Former nurse Patrick Gangwer spent the better part of 20 years in medicine before turning his fascination with microbes and passion for beer into a career in brewing. Gangwer, 39, is now barrel house manager at Kindred Beer. On June 3, Kindred will release its first two long-anticipated sour and wild fermentation ales, which Gangwer has dedicated a year to producing. (The release party, which includes food and live music, takes place from noon to midnight on Saturday, June 3 at Kindred's tasting room at 505 Morrison Rd. in Gahanna.) To celebrate, Gangwer is sharing a few things beyond these sours that he loves.

Beer Adventures

A lot of our vacations throughout the year revolve around beer. We go to Asheville, North Carolina, every year to camp and to try different beers and be with friends. The first weekend of December, we always go to Dark Horse Brewing Co. in Michigan for the 4 Elf event. We see friends at all different bottle releases. We stay at their houses, drink beer with them, hang out with their kids and trade beer. We're not just going for the beer; we're going for the experience with our beer friends. It's a community.

Three Tigers Brewing Co.

We live outside of Granville, and one of our favorite places to hang out as a family or with friends is Three Tigers Brewing. Those guys there are just amazing. The food is outstanding. The beers are really good. And it's just a nice, cozy, comfortable atmosphere.


I'm always into a local show. One of my favorite bands is Hellnaw from Athens. They're a funk/thrash/metal band, and they're just amazing to see live.

Ben's Burgers

Chef Ben, our executive chef at Kindred, makes a burger that is just delicious. It's juicy, and the seasoning is absolutely perfect. It has that primal thing that takes me back to my childhood. I love it.

My Chickens

My family and I have all different kinds of plants — tomatoes, herbs, pepper plants and everything in between. I grow my own hops. We've got berry bushes, apple trees, cheery trees, pear trees, a pecan tree and a persimmon tree. We've got chickens and ducks and guinea fowl. That's where my heart is — sitting on my patio, looking after my animals and watching my kids play with them.