Things We Love: ComFest picks

Alive staff

Maybe you've heard something about ComFest taking place this weekend? (If not, take another look at this week's cover feature.) With that in mind, we thought we'd reach out to the community of festival performers/speakers to solicit a Things We Love column. Read on to see what people selected, and we'll see you in Goodale Park.

Family reunions

I love to go to the Columbus airport to be a part of welcoming new refugees to our city. Nothing beats being present for the reunion of families after years of separation.I love being a part of the effort to make that possible.–Angie Plummer, Community Refugee & Immigration Services

Green spaces

I love the green spaces: Franklin Park, Goodale Park, Schiller Park, Park of Roses, the Alum Creek Bike Trail, Olentangy Bike Trail...–Carolyn Harding, Columbus Bill of Rights

WCBE 90.5 FM and CD 102.5 FM

I know I sound like the kid everybody hated in school because they kissed the teacher's ass, but for real, the local radio stations we have here, and the support they give to the local music scene, can't be taken for granted. Those two stations and their staff are the biggest cheerleaders for local music and we've benefited from it immensely. That's not even something that exists in Chicago anymore.–Bill Patterson, The Wet Darlings


I have so much love and appreciation for the people behind the scenes, people like Alexis Perrone and Meghan Ralston. They donate thousands of hours every year to festivals like Independents' Day and ComFest. There is no glory or public recognition for them. They just want to make Columbus a special place. And they have.–Billy Peake, Bicentennial Bear

Columbus Performers

I love the diversity of performers we have in the city! You could go to a different show every night. Right now, I'm kind of obsessed with drag kings.–Athena Howe, dancer with ElectroCult Circus

Fifth Avenue water tank

I love the Fifth Avenue water tank simply because every time I come back to Columbus, I don't believe I'm home until I pass by it. I'm a North Sider, as well — I grew up off of Joyce Avenue — so I saw it often growing up as a kid and wondered exactly what it looked like inside.–Trigno Turnbo