Things We Love: Picks from Jeff Kleinman

Jeff Kleinman

Jeff Kleinman has been an active member of the Columbus music community for over 10 years. Through playing in bands like Nervosas, Pink Reason and Yuze Boys, and booking shows for Cafe Bourbon Street and Ace of Cups, he has been contributing to and supporting the music in this city. Jeff is moving to Salt Lake City, and in honor of his send-off show at Cafe Bourbon Street on Friday, June 30, here are a few of his favorite things.

Cafe Bourbon Street

This may be obvious, but this is my favorite place in the world. The best job I've ever had has been working here for the last two years. People may think Bobo is a dump, but it's a beautiful and warm place that breeds creativity and inspiration. The drinks are cheap and the music is great. This place is easily one of the things I will miss most about Columbus.

Fox in the Snow Cafe

I used to not be so sure about this place, but I'll tell ya what, it has good coffee, a great egg sandwich and the best staff. Everyone that works here is pretty much rad as hell. I recommend the blueberry galette. Tell Clay that Jeff sent ya.


Breakfast food is pretty much the best food, in my opinion. At Philco I can get those eggs and a negroni at 10 p.m. AND the line cook always gets a perfect over-medium. I'll take johnny cakes over toast any day, and those 7-oz High Lifes can't be beat.

Playing “Overwatch” with my dudes

I know it's silly to be an adult that likes video games, but maaaan, this one is the one, man. Running around with your buds and shooting other people while everyone is talking trash on the headsets and all that? It's fun as hell. And, in case anyone gives a damn, my Lucio is beast.

Choir Boy:Passive with Desire

This is the one not-Columbus thing I'm gonna talk about. Choir Boy is a band from Salt Lake, and its 2016 albumPassive with Desire is one of the best albums I have heard in a long time. The song structures are reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac, while the instrumentation is one of a very careful and precise electronic handling. I was fortunate enough to book a show for them at Bourbon Street, and it was one of my favorite shows I've put on.