Things We Love: Picks from Ryan Vile

Ryan Vile
Ryan Vile

Columbus musician Ryan Vile is best known for being the former lead singer of the punk band the Reacharounds. He also used to play keytar for the Girls!.Now he DJs events such as “These Shoes Are Made for Gazing” and “All the Small Songs,” where he plays niche genres of music.

Giant Mascot Heads

I really enjoy wearing a giant mascot head while playing music. I probably wouldn't wear one while making out, but I have every intention of being in a casket while wearing a giant mascot head at my wake.


Grrrls Rock, FemFest and Melanincholy Festival are all things I adore.Mostly for my own selfish reason of being bored seeing the same kids from the same neighborhoods who all had lessons and all started rock bands. There's a sort of purity to music made by people who think they are just going to be ignored anyway.

Cyber Security

I read up on all the latest security breaches, especially the nitty-gritty stuff. I used to teach a cyber security class. If you want someone to talk you through “TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 1,” I'm your dude.

Competitive Gaming

I've been playing video games competitively for many years, both shooters and fighting games. I compete at the “Street Fighter” tournament every Monday night at 16-Bit Bar + Arcade.Recently someone turned me onto “Killer Queen,” which is a crazy 10-player version of the “Joust” arcade game.Now I'm spending Wednesdays at Arcade Super Awesome in Olde Towne East for “Killer Queen” league night.

Swimming Pools

One thing I miss from touring with a band is breaking into the hotel pool at 3 a.m.Proper swim attire is optional, but if you're going to swim in the nude — don't get caught.