Things We Love: Picks from Christian Pierce of Fizzed

Christian Pierce

Christian Pierce is the singer/guitarist of Fizzed, an avid gardener, an analog home-recording experimenter, a father and a resident of Columbus' beacon of the south side, Merion Village. Fans of this band have been lovingly dubbed “Fizzed Nation.” When not performing noisily crafted pop numbers, the band is working on its next release in the bowels of Merion Manor. You can catch Fizzed opening up for Elf Power at Big Room Bar on Saturday, July 15. Here are a few things Pierce loves.

“On Point with Tom Ashbrook”

I've had an office job for nearly 11 years, so I catch a lot of WOSU. Honestly, a huge hole still exists in the programming ever since “Open Line” host Fred Andrle retired and “Talk of the Nation” was canceled. That said, “On Point” is my current favorite. It's intelligent and informative without being arrogant. The weekly news round-up on Fridays is also excellent.

The Rock n' Roll Radio Show with Ian Graham on AM1270

This doesn't exist anymore, but its imprint on Columbus/Marysville radio remains. A mixture of oldies, punk, new wave, local music and much more, all curated by a man with amazing taste. I wish there was a way to listen to the archive of this show daily. Sex Tide and Raw Pony both played live on his show and helped DJ after.

Easy Beat with DJ Captain Lonesome (Mondays at Cafe Bourbon St.)

This is the longest-running DJ night in town. Andy Robertson has been at it for at least 15 years, sharing his extensive vinyl collection with us all. He's a true historian and is always willing to share his knowledge with eager listeners. No one does it better.

The Pink Owl and His Supernatural Fears

It amazes me how little I hear about this man and his band. Pink Owl has two nearly perfect cassettes out on Superdreamer Records. He is one of the most dynamic performers I have ever seen (and the best dressed). Pick upSub-Psychic SouvenirsandFully Delusionalnow. If you don't have a tape deck, you are truly missing out.

German Village Coffee Shop

This true greasy spoon is the best diner in town and walkable from my home. Everything is perfectly made — especially the chocolate chip pancakes. Check it out the next time you wander south of Downtown.