Things We Love: Picks from Erin and Scott Void

Erin, Scott Void

The Voids (Erin and Scott) have been DJing and hosting events featuring uncommon '80s music since 2013, playing records that range from synth-pop and Italo disco to goth-rock and industrial. On Saturday, Sept. 9, they will be at It Looks Like It's Open gallery at 13 E. Tulane Rd. in Clintonville for “The End: An Apocalyptic Art Exhibition,” an art showcase featuring end-of-the-world-themed pieces. The Voids will be spinning a selection of brooding and atmospheric sounds to accompany the artwork. Here are a few of their favorite things.

Record Collecting

We caught the record bug several years ago when our friends opened the since-closed Dreadful Sounds record store. That started an obsession with finding our favorite goth and industrial tracks on vinyl, and we kept branching out in mostly '80s music from there. Like with many collectors, we started DJing at parties and here we are now.

Pierogi Mountain

Located inside Cafe Bourbon St., we'll often grab a bite here if we're out for a show. They serve up a variety of amazing pierogi and feature a weekly vegetarian or vegan house-made special.

Strut: the Salon

Our friends Josh and M'Lou Mackay-Santilli are two amazing stylists and colorists, as well as wonderful people. They opened their salon a couple of years ago at the intersection of Parsons and Livingston avenues. Both are amazing at their work. And we are glad to know them, as well.


We're both pretty cat crazy. Our cats are our best friends, and having things around that are adorable all the time is a great anti-depressant.


One of the first things we found in common 11 years ago was our love of vegetarian cooking. Finding new foods is exciting and rewarding. This time of year is great since good produce is plentiful.