Blue Jackets season preview: Hanging out with Boone and Seth

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive

Professional hockey players don't have a whole lot of spare time, but even during the season they gotta have some kind of social life. Alive caught up with notorious socialites (not really) Seth Jones and Boone Jenner to find out how they like to spend their time away from the rink.

On coffee

Boone: We go to Stauf's in Grandview. We like that spot.

Seth: We have a few [favorites], actually. There's a place off Fifth [Avenue]. I can't remember…

Boone: It's on Third [Avenue], I think. Cafe … (though neither can remember the exact name, further discussion reveals it as Caffe Apropos).

Seth: Sometimes after practice, me and Boone and [Scott] Harrington will go sit on the patio at Northstar [Cafe] and have a coffee. We're trying to get in as much of the weather as we can now.

On lunch

Seth: I love the Village Salad at Northstar, and the Thai Burrito. And the bakery … cookies and stuff are unbelievable. It has the time next to each cookie when they came out of the oven.

Boone: We go to Northstar a lot. I change it up, but I like the rice bowls and burritos. For lunch spots, we do try to switch it up. You got your classics like Bibibop and Chipotle … Tasi [Cafe], Sweet Carrot, Market 65. We've been to Sweet Carrot a couple of times. Everything's good. The beef brisket is probably my favorite.

Seth: That salad bar [at Market 65] is really good. Bareburger [in Clintonville] is really good. [I like the] Bison Burger with cheese [and] bacon. It's pretty healthy.

On dinner

Boone: I like Forno. Hudson 29 out in [Upper Arlington] — I like that spot. I'm pretty picky, but I'm getting better. I'm pretty much a steak, chicken, salmon kind of guy.

Seth: [There are] lots of spots. Grandview Cafe just got redone this summer, so we might go there to have a couple drinks. [Also], Standard Hall for a couple drinks on the weekend. For dinner, if we want a nice steak we go to Hyde Park [Prime Steakhouse]. And I love Marcella's and Martini for Italian spots.

Boone: Chicken [Parmesan] is a go-to dish for Italian.

Seth: We went to Guild House last night. It was good, but the portions are a little small for us. Maybe they're good for a normal person [who doesn't burn as many calories]. There are a lot of good spots now. You really can't go wrong.


Boone: Sports. I'm watching the NFL right now, especially the [prime time] matchups. The baseball playoffs are coming up, so I'll be watching the Indians. And I was in on “America's Got Talent” this summer. I like the acts, the magic or other cool stuff, but obviously there [are] some good singers too.

Seth: I don't watch “Game of Thrones,” so I get a lot of heat for that. Everyone on my [Twitter] timeline … it starts like two hours before the show starts and goes all night. I usually just flip through the channels [looking for a] movie. My favorite show is probably “Modern Family.” I was big into “Homeland.” I like that action, FBI kind of stuff.

Boone: Hockey if we're not playing, just to watch guys I know around the league.

Seth: I'm not a big college sports guy, although [that's changed a little] because of the Buckeyes. I watch the [Dallas] Cowboys whenever I can. And I love watching the NBA. LeBron [James] is my favorite player.

On cooking

Seth: I like to cook now. It's kinda relaxing. I actually just made a homemade chicken parm with spaghetti and red sauce that was pretty good, I thought. Salmon, pork. … I don't really have a specialty. I just like the process.

Boone: Seth's cooked for me. He's pretty good. His best is probably pork chops. I cook quite a bit, just the normal stuff. I have a grill. It gets the job done. I'm not doing chicken parm. I'd be [making it] every night.