Things We Love: Picks from Donna Marbury

Donna Marbury

Donna Marbury is a writer, social media strategist and occasional Alive contributor originally from Columbus. Her first writer/networking event, Grammar + Chill, kicks off at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 5, at Barrel on High. She created the event as a way to pull her writer friends out of their cocoons to begin networking and socializing (and drink adult beverages named after writers). Here are a few things Marbury loves.

Columbus coffee shops

Columbus has a variety of coffee shops perfect for people watching, hiding behind laptops and talking to people when you should be writing. My favorites are: Fox in the Snow Cafe (no Wi-Fi can be a blessing), Upper Cup (an artist hangout), Stauf's (the best pumpkin-spice drinks) and Hemingway's Coffee Nook (a slice of Paris Downtown).

Roots poetry night by Maroon Arts

This monthly open mic hosted by the Maroon Arts Group features the most spirited, unique and passionate wordsmiths in the city. As much as I love their energy, they also make me run home to my journal and work on my craft.

The REDO at Avalon

Because rappers are some of my favorite writers! This monthly event features deejays spinning on vinyl only. Trying to remember all the lyrics from '90s hip-hop is a great way to strengthen my vocabulary.

Moon meditation at Replenish

Working full time as a social media manager, and writing as a side hustle can be stressful. A couple times a month, I love to clear my mind and get clear about my intentions and goals by meditating with Monique McCrystal during the new and full moons.

Music to write to

When I am researching an article, I love to listen to ratchet music, including Gucci Mane, 2Chainz or Yo Gotti. When I'm writing, I switch it up to something more mellow such as H.E.R, Noname or Sza.