Things We Love: Picks from Chris Mengerink

Chris Mengerink

Chris Mengerink is a local percussion teacher who has been performing in various groups in Columbus for the past decade. His band Brat Curse will be heading on tour this week with avant-garage rockers DANA. Things kick off Thursday, Nov. 9, at Ace of Cups, alongside Grunge Dad and Terrestrials. Here are a few of his favorite things:

Ace of Cups

Ace is one of my favorite bars in town. It has the coolest staff, and I am constantly thrilled to walk a few steps from my house and see some of my favorite bands. I'm also here to shamelessly self-promote my show on Thursday, Nov. 9, with Brat Curse!

Rax Roast Beef

Do you remember this place? It turns out there is still one in Circleville and it hasn't changed since 1991. Last time I went, there was an analog TV in the corner with a Nintendo plugged in. I also overheard an employee saying she was going to get Arby's on her lunch break.

Columbus Percussion

Columbus Percussion gives me the same feeling I used to get when my mom took me to Toys “R” Us. It has an endless supply of gear that I don't need, but usually buy on impulse. It's a drummer's dream!

My students

They are undeniably the most inspiring and wittiest people I know. Teaching music is something I never expected to do, but it has proven to be so rewarding. They always challenge me to be a better teacher and a better drummer.

Ricky, my cat

He is perfect.