Gifts for the early legal weed adopter

Andy Downing
Custom herb weed grinder ($36)

Custom herb weed grinder ($36)

Get on this handcrafted grinder imprinted with graphics from “Rick & Morty” before the show starts to feel as stale as “Family Guy.” Also, though it's made from aircraft-grade aluminum, we wouldn't recommend packing it in your airplane carry-on. The last thing we want is to see readers busted for residue.

Stardust by Willie Nelson ($14.99)

Willie Nelson has long been a weed advocate, so what better soundtrack to smoke to? We're partial to this 1978 classic, which finds the country singer dipping into the classic American songbook, delivering leisurely, lovely takes on tunes from the Broadway and Tin Pan Alley songwriters who served as his teachers.

“The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook” ($17.06)

Subtitled “More Than 50 Irresistible Recipes That Will Get You High,” this how-to guide provides detailed baking instructions for the Tom Chronic-io or Alton “Green” in your life. (I'll see myself out.)

Hand-stamped stainless steel fork ($18)

And what better way to dine on one's potent edibles than with this handmade fork stamped with the word “munchies”? And, even if you prefer to spend your time “baking” rather than baking, this handy utensil could just as easily be deployed on frozen tater tots or store-bought nachos, presuming one wants to keep their fingers clean.

“The Big Lebowski” on DVD ($9.99)

There are a number of great stoner comedies, but few are as re-watchable as the Coen Brothers' “Big Lebowski,” which finds an eternally chill Dude, played with the perfect amount of slack by Jeff Bridges, navigating a scenario as wild as he is calm. (“Calmer than you are.”)