Gifts for Immediate Gratification (aka perishables)

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive
Katalina's Original Pumpkin-Apple Butter ($7.95)

Katalina's Original Pumpkin-Apple Butter ($7.95)

This apple butter withpumpkinis made special for Katalina's by Cooper's Mill in Bucyrus for the cafe, which uses it in its signature Pancake Balls. It's available in jars now, and owner Kathleen Day said it's delicious on toast or pancakes, maybe a grilled cheese, or even to glaze a holiday ham.


1105 Pennsylvania Ave., Harrison West


Freshbox Catering holiday cookies ($15.95 for a box of 12, $8.95 for 6)

Find out more about what Freshbox does in the charitable giving section of the Gift Guide … or don't and just order these yummy delights online and know you're getting something tasty and helping a quality organization.

Freshbox Catering

Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery dog treats ($12.99)

Captivating Canines owner Ron Keller buys these treats, available in a variety of flavors (not that I could personally attest, but the packages say so), in bulk from Smoky Mountain Dog Factory and packages them himself at the store. How “immediate gratification” these are depends on whether you put them in a place where your dog can't sniff them out.

Captivating Canines

12 E. Main St., Westerville


Meat (market price)

A few years back, tired of coming up with something to tell my family I wanted for the holidays, I just started saying, “Meat.” After a couple years of this, my brother brought out from the freezer a nice tray of stuff he'd purchased from a local butcher shop. Mike Bambeck of Park Street Poultry & Game recommended a bison tenderloin or ribeye as a “really nice gift,” or perhaps a four-pack of locally raised quail, which generally runs $48.

Park Street Poultry & Game

59 Spruce St., Arena District


Fresh fruit (market price)

When I was a kid, the bottom of my stocking was always filled out with apples and oranges. The good folks in the produce department at Lucky's said if you want the closest to in-season fruit, go citrus or pomegranate. Or, even though they won't fill the feet of your stocking, cranberries.

Lucky's Market

2770 N. High St., Clintonville