Things We Love: Picks from Lisa Steward

Lisa Steward

Lisa Steward hasn't touched a canvasin five yearsand doesn't consider herself a practicing artist. Instead, she's an advocate for the arts. With a day job at Columbus College of Art & Design as a digital analyst and the exhibitions director of 934 Gallery, it's easy for her to maintain ties back to the arts community in Columbus. Besides attending gallery openings and local shows, here are some other things Lisa loves:

Collecting art

No mass-produced, big-box art is allowed on my walls. I hit up events like the CCAD Art Fair (this year's is Saturday, Dec. 2) or local galleries, like 934 Gallery, to find artwork for myself and for friends. There's so much art at my house that my partner has established a rule: no more new artwork until everything else is framed and on the walls.

Killer Queen

If we've crossed paths in the last few months you've heard me talk about Killer Queen, a 5-v-5 indie arcade game that is reminiscent of Joust. It's both a team sport and competitive and honestly the most fun I've had in 2017. Catch us playing at Arcade Super Awesomeon Wednesdaynights and at Close Quarters on FranklintonFriday nights.

Hugs & Kisses

I first caught a Hugs & Kisses show in 2007 and my life was forever changed. This iconic group mixes hip-hop, doo-wop and skits into a messy little package that becomes brilliant performance art. After a long hiatus it's great to see Hugs & Kisses back to creating new material. Catch me singing along to "The Casualties of Happiness" as loud as I can at every show.

Early mornings

I wouldn't have labeled myself a morning person before 2017, but now I've filled the 90 minutes before my office job with early morning meetings at The Roosevelt Coffeehouse or calming my mind by reading a book at Fox in the Snow. These small pockets of time reconnecting with friends or banging out some work for the gallery have really helped center me this year. Not to mention I've been able to knock off a few books from my reading list.


D.A.N.K. (Dope Ass Negro Kids) is a collective of Afrocentric musicians, artists, poets and creatives. I try to check out their showcase events whenever possible. D.A.N.K. has created a community that uplifts and shines a spotlight on some serious hidden talent in Columbus. Please don't miss out on Kendall, from BLKGLD, dancing to a cover of "Redbone," or any performance with Kali Dreamer. Be on the lookout for new showcases in 2018.