Things We Love: Picks from Alex D. of the Turbos

Alex D.

Alex D. is a singer and guitarist in local rock band the Turbos. You may have seen him around Columbus frequenting open mic poetry events, where he's known as “T-Shirt” (don't ask), or at any number of music and art events in the city. He enjoys short walks to rock shows and long talks about music. The musician joins his bandmates in the Turbos for a concert celebrating the release of its new single, “'Murica,” at the Shrunken Head on Saturday, Feb. 17. Miller and the Hunks (releasing a new EP), the A.M. Soul Society and Courtney from Work also perform. Here are a few things Alex D. loves.

Scott Woods

We do not deserve this human, but he continues to pour everything he has into this city! I have seen the fire in his eyes and have felt the heat in rooms he has filled, from “Holler: 31 Days of Columbus Black Art” to “Gentrifried: A Culinary Reclamation”to Writer's Block open mic poetry every Wednesday at Kafe Kerouac. This man is a wonder to behold!

Willowbeez SoulVeg

This place is fantastic! It is a grassroots and health-conscious food business that focuses on community and togetherness around great food. It operates primarily as a pop-up shop right now. I last caught it at Two Dollar Radio Headquarters on Parsons Avenue.

The music scene

Whenever I go out of town for shows someone will ask, “What's the Columbus music scene like?” Without hesitation I say, “Warm and welcoming!” I am lucky enough to be a part of a scene that is increasingly active and alive. It is hard to find a night of the week that there is not live music.

In The Record Store

This music source (magazine, podcast, blog, radio) has been working its butt off this year on its own dime to get exposure for local music. Great people like Vince, Grant and Mel put in crazy hours to make little ol' bands like the Turbos *cough cough* feel like they have a place in this crazy town!

Moses Sumney

As much as he is not Columbus related, he is, because Moses Sumney is ALL THINGS! There is nothing else to say. Go listen!