Pinball Wizards: Inside the fast-growing local pinball scene

Alive staff

As world-ranked pinballers prepare to attend nationals in Las Vegas, we take a look at the players and places fueling a growing pinball scene

Columbus has always been a hotbed for pinball. Trent Augenstein, the seventh-ranked player in the world, honed his game at campus-area arcades at Ohio State University in the 1980s. In recent years, however, a wave of young players and women players has given the local scene increased cachet.

The pinball boom has pulled in both competitive and social gamers. John Geiger, International Flipper Pinball Association State Representative for Ohio and one of the co-founders of Arcade Super Awesome in Olde Towne East, said there are at least three league events each week at different locations throughout the city.

With the IFPA US National Pinball Championship and the IFPA Women's World Pinball Championship set to be held on Thursday, March 1 in Las Vegas,Alive is taking a look at the players and places fueling the burgeoning local scene.

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