The List: Top 10 pinball machines in Columbus

Amy Kesting

Editor's note: We asked Amy Kesting, who's on her way to the Women's World Pinball Championship in Las Vegas on March 1, to rank her favorite local pinball machines. Here are Kesting's picks, along with each game's manufacturer, vintage and where you can find it. Read more about Kesting in the “Pinball Wizards” cover story.

10. Dolly Parton (Bally, 1979)

Country Dolly playfield meets Glam Dolly backglass! This classic, basic game has two main objectives: Spell out her name, and knock down all four of the consecutive drop targets to maximize bonuses and win an extra ball. It's trickier than it sounds! (Found at Spoonful Records)

9. Star Wars (Stern, 2017)

With a complicated rule-set and scenes from the movies seamlessly blended into the back video screen, the new Star Wars is unlike other pins. At the start, you choose your player — Leia, Han, Luke or R2D2 — and then proceed through Endor, Tatooine and Hoth missions, asteroid fields, light saber duels and more. Yoda scolds you when you lose the ball: “You. Are reckless!” (Found at Ledo's Tavern, Arcade Super Awesome, Level One, Pins Mechanical Downtown and Dublin, Meister's Pizza, the Daily Growler)

8. Guns N' Roses (Data East, 1994)

Laden with cool graphics, this game is a beauty to behold. Get all your band members up onstage for multiball! (Found at Four String's 6th Avenue Taproom)

7. Theatre of Magic (Bally, 1995)

The spinning Magic Trunk in the middle of the playfield is the key to this game, but it's also your nemesis; one bad bounce and the ball goes straight down the middle! But if you can hit it just right, you'll start the magic tricks and complete them by hitting staircases and trap doors. The big reward is when the magnet side of the trunk spins around: With one more hit, it snaps up your ball and starts the glorious multiball! (Found at Level One)

6. Batman 66 (Stern, 2016)

What might be the coolest thing about this game is that it looks like it's from the '60s, but plays like new. Fight your classic villains along the way, like Penguin, Catwoman and Joker. Pow! Bam! (Found at Studio 35, Arcade Super Awesome)

5. Attack from Mars (Bally, 1995)

Destroy aliens and save the world! Knock down the force field and hit the flying saucer up the middle to defend countries from alien invasions! Watch out for Martian Attack when the four toy aliens start shaking. Go for Total Annihilation! (Found at Level One)

4. Champion Pub (Bally, 1998)

Train for the big fight by jumping rope and hitting punching bags. When you're ready, the boxer turns around and the ball becomes your punch! (Found at Sideswipe Brewing, Pins Mechanical Downtown)

3. Metallica (Stern, 2013)

Pick a song to jam out to while you play. Metallica offers up several multiball opportunities, tricky ramps and consecutive drop targets. It's a solid game, but the special edition currently at 16-Bit is pimped out with a 10-inch subwoofer, green rails and extra toys around the playfield. It's super cool. (Found at 16-Bit)

2. Dialed In (Jersey Jack, 2017)

The theme of this game seems to be urban living: navigating train lines, keeping your phone charged, buying lottery tickets and avoiding myriad disasters. The coolest part is the selfie mode, during which it takes your picture and displays it on the backglass. Hint: To scratch off the lottery tickets, you have to wave your arm in the air and make the scratch-off motion! (Coming soon to a brewery near you)

1. Addams Family (Bally, 1992)

Anjelica Huston greets you with, “Welcome honored guest,” as you begin a trip through the mansion. In each room, you are charged with a task such as hitting Cousin It, getting the ball to Thing, raising the dead, performing séances and dancing the mamushka. It's very entertaining and rewarding. (Found at Arcade Super Awesome, Level One)