Things We Love: Picks from Laelia Delaney Davis

Laelia Delaney Davis

Columbus native Laelia Delaney Davis (aka Foxx Smoulder, aka DJ Oh Gee Golly) grew up working in record shops, going to shows and expressing herself through music, vintage flare and charming wit. After leaving Columbus for a couple years to pursue opportunities in New York City, she realized how much she missed her hometown and the unique, nurturing Columbus music scene. This year, she’s curating a lot of new burlesque shows, vinyl dance parties and more. Be sure to check her out at her next event, CHILLS & FEVER Rock N Roll Burlesque, which takes place at Cafe Bourbon Street on Tuesday, March 13. The show kicks off at 9 p.m. Here are a few things she loves.

Record shops

I started working at Used Kids Records when I was 14. I am so grateful for the opportunities I had there to learn from Tom Shannon, Mike Rep and Dan Dow. Later, I also had the pleasure of working for Kyle Siegrist at Lost Weekend Records. They all helped me develop a thrill for the hunt, in addition to eclectic, unique taste. If you've never gone into a shop and just let the music find you, I highly recommend it. 

Local music

About a decade ago I was lucky enough to see Necropolis, Times New Viking, Grave Blankets and Guinea Worms — just to name a few. We are so lucky to still have musical legends such as Cheater Slicks, Tommy Jay and Mike Rep still rocking the stages. It’s beautiful to watch new bands like DANA, Future Nuns and Raw Pony putting their own twist on the classic Columbus Discount Records sound, while also bringing a strong female presence to our scene. 

Grrrls Rock Columbus

The group’s mission is so beautiful and inspiring! They're giving youth encouragement and empowerment through creative expression, but most of all teaching them to embrace who they are. They are throwing a Halfway to Halloween benefit at the Summit on April 28. Eager to get involved, I formed an all-girl Devo cover band, DIVA, that will be performing. Be sure to support them however you can! 

Local designs

There are many super-talented babes here creating beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Mad Daddy Designs, Mango Baby Designs, Jewelweed Floral Studio and Custom Peace are just a few names to keep your eye on. If you’re not sure where to buy local, check out the Punk Rock Pawn Shop at Ace of Cups on March 22 or Columbus Flea’s Spring Flea at Seventh Son Brewery on May 6. I sell vintage as well. My shop, Fireweed Garage, will be at these events. Come say hey and dress up!

Record parties

Funkdefy and Heatwave are two Columbus staples that have helped keep the vinyl scene alive this past decade. I’ve been playing records for about 10 years now myself and am finally starting to try and pursue this as more of a career than a hobby. I am so passionate about all the music I collect and I love sharing it with others, just as all DJs do. It is a beautiful form of expression that can tell a story of emotion and nostalgia. And it’s a dying form.