Things We Love: Picks from DJ Nordiq

Ty Williams
DJ Nordiq

DJ, producer, musician, poet and writer Ty “Nordiq” (pronounced nor-DEEK) Williams was born on Lockbourne Air Force Base (now Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base) and raised in Columbus. He is currently a stay-at-home dad and full-time OSU student majoring in Language Arts Education with a minor in History. Taking a break from the books, Williams will be spinning all things different and unknown at the Streetlight Guild event “What's Playing” at 8 p.m. Thursday, March 22, at Kafe Kerouac. Here are some of his favorite things.

Local food

Columbus has a great food scene. While admittedly biased, I am married to one phenomenal chef, Jessica Rezin, currently at Spagio in Grandview. I'm also a big fan of chefs Matt Heaggans and Catie Randazzo, and I'm such a huge fan of Willowbeez Soulveg. Everyone really needs to try Willowbeez — good people and amazing food!


It seems most people I know listen to true crime or sports podcasts. I, however, am an unrepentant language and history nerd, so I'm really digging “The World in Words,” “Lexicon Valley,” “Iroquois History & Legends” and “Ben Franklin's World.” Shout out to dope local podcasts “Lustmordia” and “Street Fight Radio!” I think I could make a kick-ass history podcast if only I had the time.

Local radical activism

Our fair city has a very encouraging radical activist community. We've got Black, Queer & Intersectional Columbus (BQIC), Food Not Bombs, Redneck Revolt, several tireless socialist groups and others. It's good to see so many folks who are all hard at work with mutual aid, making sure that police brutality isn't ignored and that Nazis don't have a safe platform in Columbus.


I read a ton and have ADD, so I'm always working on several books at once. I'm currently reading “The Color of Law” by Richard Rothstein, “The Patriot Chiefs: A Chronicle of American Indian Resistance” by Alvin Josephy and, for fun, I really dig Louise Penny mysteries. I'm currently reading her fifth book, “The Brutal Telling.”

Weird music

I'm 48 years old. People my age and even into their 30s are stuck listening to the same music they listened to in high school, but I'm always looking for thatnew new. I like a lot of Korean trap and R&B. There is some really good bhangra hip-hop coming out of India, and the UK and Afrobeat has really taken the world by storm. (Get hip, Columbus!) Yes, Skrillex and Calvin Harris have dipped their toes into Afrobeat, but there are some great homegrown, African producers and artists who are putting out great music and getting a lot of shine. I also listen to a lot of French, UK and West African web radio stations to keep up on new flavors. Be different and take chances, people!