Things We Love: Picks from Angela Perley

Angela Perley

Angela Perley is the lead singer and songwriter of local rock 'n' roll group Angela Perley & The Howlin' Moons. Formed in 2009, the band has released four EPs and two full-length albums. The band will be releasing a limited-edition, live-in-studio vinyl (Stereogram Sessions Vol. 1) on Friday, March 30, at Thirty One West in Newark. The split-vinyl with Erica Blinn will include live versions of tunes from both bands, recorded at Earthwork Recording Studio, also in Newark.

Eat Purr Love Cat Cafe

I absolutely adore Eat Purr Love Cat Cafe! Not only is it a super zen place full of adorable cats and decor, but all the cats are adoptable from Columbus Humane and a portion of the profits go to Columbus Humane, as well.

Mochi ice cream

Mochi is my latest sweet-tooth obsession. They are basically little balls of ice-cream inside a super delish layer of chewy rice dough. A lot of local Japanese and sushi restaurants are starting to serve them, and Whole Foods carries them in many different flavors. Matcha green tea mochi is my main squeeze right now.

Columbus parks & trails

Columbus has so many great parks and trails, and I love to run, bike and kayak. Some of my favorite spots are Battelle Darby Creek Park, Scioto Trail, Olentangy Trail, Alum Creek Trail and the Scioto Mile. Beautiful spaces to unwind, recharge and have some alone time.

Grandview Theatre & Drafthouse

I love Studio 35's takeover of Grandview Theatre & Drafthouse. The theater has a great layout and a killer selection of independent films, along with some bigger blockbuster picks as well. There's a nice selection of local brews and eats, too. I have a lot of family roots in Grandview, so it's extra special to me that this 1926, single-screen theatre is still alive and thriving on Grandview Avenue.

Local radio stations WCBE 90.5 and CD102.5

I can't love WCBE and CD102.5 enough. Traveling to different cities and getting a feel for other stations really makes me realize how cool, rare and unique both of these stations are to Columbus, and how supportive they are to local and national artists. They are very passionate about music and what they do. They are a crucial part of our community.