Flyover Fest: Bookspace at the Indie Book & Record Fair

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive

For the past (almost) three years, Columbus resident Charlie Pugsley has been “selling books and zines at as many markets as I can, hosting poetry readings and workshops, starting book clubs, generally creating community around literature.”

The founder of Bookspace imagines opening a brick and mortar bookstore, but in the meantime he shares his love of lit at festivals, markets and the like. He'll have Bookspace at the IndieBook & Record Fair as part of Flyover Fest this Saturday.

“Honestly, it's always exciting and new, finding ways to be a bookseller without my ownspace. I still love it, and I don't see any signs of stopping,” Pugsley said. “There are so many wonderful books to be read, and I just want to get them into people's hands.”

His grassroots approach to selling isn't a gimmick — his interest in sharing thoughts and words impacts the kind of things about which he wants people to be talking (after reading, of course), saying he's bringing people together, when possible, around “oftentimes radical literature, which seems to have no other home in this town anymore, for some reason. But I feel like there are some voices we need to hear now more than ever.”

Indie Book & Record Fair

11 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, May 12

Ace of Cups, 2619 N. High St., and

Spacebar, 2590 N. High St., Old North