Things We Love: Picks from Brent Foley

Brent Foley

Brent Foley is a partner at TRIAD Architects, serial community volunteer, curator at Gallery Denmark, amateur artist and lover of his dog, Cali. Brent also enjoys posting weird videos on Facebook that are a social experiment, with himself and his own vulnerability as the subject matter. Here are a few things he loves.

Comic books

Before I decided to be an architect, I wanted to be a comic book artist.As a kid, I would spend endless hours reading comics, trying to redraw the things I saw, or drawing up new and weird stories and characters I would dream up. It developed my love for reading, literature and art.I had to have Columbus Idea Foundry build a special book shelf for my collection that takes up a whole wall in my living room.

Artists from Columbus

This year will mark my 10thyear on the steering committee for the Columbus Arts Festival.The festival started my journey into the artistic world of Columbus.Since that time, in collaboration with my friends at Denmark on High, we started Gallery Denmark without knowing what we were doing at all. However, we've learned a lot, and I'm excited for the direction the gallery has taken.I'm also excited for the friendships I've built along the way with the artists we've hosted.

Camp Architecture/High School Design Camp

The profession of architecture has a problem attracting and retaining professionals from diverse backgrounds,particularly women, people of color and people facing economic challenges.I've made it a personal mission to do my part to address this issue, and we have started some awesome things that are only scratching the surface. To start, we have embraced Camp Architecture/High School Design Camp as a way to provide a spark with school-age students from diverse backgrounds toward the profession.

Creative Control Fest

A few years ago, I attended my first Creative Control Fest.The programming blew me away. Last year, they were gracious enough to allow me to help integrate architecture into their programing, bringing architects of color to teach workshops about the profession.TRIAD and CCF have committed to keeping architecture a part of their programing.Also, I'm super stoked to announce that we are in early stages of planning a CCF takeover of Gallery Denmark for next year.

Harmony Project

I became engaged with Harmony Project while volunteering in Franklinton in 2014. I spent a week on a ladder painting a mural and made friends with a man named Diego. It wasn't until the end of the week that I learned that he was transitioning out of controlled release into parole after spending several years incarcerated.To me, he was just my friend Diego on the ladder, not some objectifying label.Diego is now doing amazing things in the community, and we maintain our friendship and a unique bond.When his schedule allows, Diego and I both now sing in the Harmony Project Choir.This is what Harmony Project is all about: People from diverse backgrounds forming friendships by creating shared experiences through art.

Photo courtesy Matt Reese Photography © 2017