The List: Predicting the next Supreme Court justice

Andy Downing
President Donald Trump and retiring Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy

With Anthony Kennedy's looming retirement, President Donald Trump will have the opportunity to name his second justice to the Supreme Court. Trump said he will announce his choice on Monday, July 9, but we here at Alive managed to get an early look at the shortlist. Here's a first glimpse at the potentials being considered for the post.

Judge Reinhold

With 61 years spent living as a Judge, the “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” star brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Andrew Anglin

In recent weeks, Iowa representative Steve King retweeted a Nazi sympathizer and former Republican representative Ron Paul tweeted out a racist, anti-Semitic cartoon, which he quickly deleted absent comment or apology. With these once-fringe viewpoints increasingly bleeding into the political arena, how long until those at the top of the chain openly embrace the likes of the Daily Stormer founder?

Jeanine Pirro

The Fox News host of “Justice with Judge Jeanine” is a favorite of Trump's, emerging as one of his most vocal defenders and champions in the crowded right-wing media sphere.

Ted Nugent

Assuming he doesn't purposely crap his pants to avoid being cross-examined by Congress.


Chuckle if you want, but there's no other entity you'd want handling the final vote in landmark upcoming cases such asCuck v. Soy Boy.

The character played by Michael Douglas in “Falling Down”

The 1993 film predicted the white male rage that has become a hallmark of this particular era. Despite what men's rights activists would have you believe, however, Douglas is not the victim in this movie, but rather its villain. Not that it hurts his odds here.

The border wall

If Trump can't get Congress to fund his wall, perhaps he can at least get it a seat on the bench.

Kanye West

Trump and West have flirted back and forth on Twitter, and the Chicago rapper has also been photographed wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat. Plus, he could deliver his majority opinions as between-song banter at his sold-out arena concerts.

A fetus in a MAGA hat

It's a very small hat.

Roger Goodell

As NFL commish, the Ginger Hammer has already shown a remarkable ability to bend to Trump's whims, restricting the players' ability to protest during the national anthem rather than risking presidential wrath in concentrated, 240-word outbursts. Why not put Goodell in the courts where he can continue to cater to the White House's every desire?

Ivanka Trump

You know he wants to.