Things We Love: Picks from Zach Barnes

Zach Barnes

Originally from Trenton, New Jersey, Barnes was born to a military family that moved him all over North America and Europe as a child. While living in Southern Maryland at the age of 12, he discovered a love for performing and entertaining, picking up his first guitar, joining his first garage bands and eventually becoming a thespian during a stint in his high school's theater club. Barnes has been a Columbus resident for the last five years, and each summer he helps host the annual Gnarbeque Music and Arts Fest, along with his bandmates in Tourist Trap. This year's event takes place on Saturday, July 7. Here are some things he loves.

The Philadelphia Eagles

My mom is a huge Eagles fan, and it rubbed off on me. I'm not the biggest sports fan in the world, but it's almost like my mother language to scream at a television when the Eagles are playing, whether they're winning or losing. It was amazing watching them win the Super Bowl this year. I've never had such a heartwarming feeling over a sports team winning a game.

Metal music

My band Tourist Trap plays a mix of alternative rock and pop-punk, but heavy metal is my guilty pleasure. I remember seeing awesome heavy metal bands at venues in Maryland when I first started playing music, and I thought, "That's what I wanna spend my days doing." There are so many amazing metal musicians from the Central Ohio area, which was a big reason I moved here.

Ray Ray's Hog Pit

Ray Ray's has been a game-changer for me when it comes to the food truck game. I don't think I've ever had a pulled pork sandwich with so much character. I've even had friends from Louisiana who visited and admitted that the food from the Old North location was the best barbecue they ever had in their lives.

Miller & the Hunks

Beyond being some of my closest friends, the local indie-rock act Miller & the Hunks is my favorite active band in the area. The band's music is organic and catchy, and its live performances make me envy the members' dance moves, plus they're all-around great people. The Hunks' latest two-part EP,And Jeff, is a collection of songs that I have not been able to get out of my head for months since it was released.

Jim Carrey

This one may be nostalgia from watching “Liar, Liar” or “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” repeatedly as a child, but Jim Carrey has always been my favorite actor. The way he creates his own characters in any project he's acted in is truly inspiring. Plus, he's a metal head and a smart guy. What's not to like?