Things We Love: Picks from Cameron Granger

Cameron Granger

Cameron Granger is an award-winning video artist currently based in Columbus. Born and raised in Cleveland, his recent work revolves around notions of blackness as they relate to the “American Dream,” representation in film and media, and its effects on one's self and community. Granger will be hosting an outdoor screening of the horror film “Bones” at Corrugate Studio Collective & Gallery in Milo-Grogan at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, July 13. Here are a few things he loves.

Royal's fried chicken

I dream about their seasoning. I go there when I'm stressed. Last summer, I did a three-month-long residency out of state, and the first thing I did when I got back to Columbus was not see my friends — it was to go to Royal's for a five-wing dinner combo.

Upper Cup

Upper Cup is a place where sometimes, when I'm trying to get work done, I'm afraid to go because I know for a fact that I'm going to run into at least three people that I love dearly. It's somewhere I'll run to when I need a warm embrace in the early morning.

Olde Towne Tavern

Tavern was the second (RIP, Carabar) bar I went to legally, and it kind of feels like I've grown up there, or at least around there. From goodbye dinners to cute little lunch dates to after-work brews, Tavern has always been a constant at every stage of my life in the city. It's like that one show about the bar.

Hoof Hearted's pool

It's Central Ohio's oasis, and the place I've spent the majority of my Saturdays so far this summer. Most of the places I love in the city are places where I know I'll see homies on any given day. With Hoof, it's a little different. There are a million people that pull up there, and I never know anyone except for the friends I came with, and I love it.

Maroon Arts Group

I've been in Columbus for more than six years now, and one thing that's always remained constant is the love and support the people that make up this collective have shown me. They were the first group to give me a shot at paid video work, and they keep me fed and give me a place to run to if I need to recover. I feel like “community engagement” is a hot topic in the arts right now, but as a group actually born for the community, MAG is one of the few toactuallydo it.