Things We Love: Picks from Weed Demon

Weed Demon

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you spilled bong water on your Ouija board? That was the question the band members in Weed Demon asked themselves when they first started churning out riffs in the winter of 2015.

The band's first EP,Stoned to Death, was released shortly thereafter, in the spring of 2016, and followed up with last year's full-length,Astrological Passages.

Weed Demon has made a couple of drummer changes over the years, but the core group, including Andy Center (riff crafter), Jordan Holland (low and slow) and Brian Buckley (crunch and punch), has been steadily giving tinnitus to every willing listener around Ohio for just over three years now.

The band will be joined by its newest addition, drummer “Big Nick” Carter, for its vinyl release show at Ace of Cups on Friday, July 20. Bongripper and Maharaja also perform. Here are a few things the band loves.


This is hands down our favorite venue to play in Columbus. Great sound, unique lighting, cool ambience and a killer bar staff. Owner Ben DeRolph and GM Brian Ostrander are running a top-notch operation, and are consistently lining up the sickest local, regional and national acts.

Old Familiar Barber Shop

Getting your hair cut is not metal. We all know that. But if your double life as a non-hesh, incognito mortgage banker requires you to have short hair, you might as well go to the best! The crew at OFBS is made up of laid-back, down-to-earth dudes who are always willing to share a dirty joke and a cold beer with their patrons. Good dudes giving great cuts.

Daily Grind Studio

Nestled inconspicuously beside a part-time pizza shop and just down the road from the Alrosa Villa is one of Columbus' undiscovered audio treasures. Daily Grind has gear coming out the wazoo and is equipped to satisfy local musicians from every scene. We recorded our last release there and couldn't be happier with the final product.

Four String Brewing

Weed Demon has its roots in the Hilltop, so we can't help but show some love to our friends at Four String! The brewery's Hilltop Heritage lager is surprisingly light, delicious and totally chuggable. I have been following Dan Cochran and the Four String crew since their infancy as a Franken-brew operation over in a Grandview taproom. Now you can find their beer being sold at Ohio Stadium! How crazy is that?

Spoonful Records

Spoonful rocks because it's the perfect size for browsing the entire selection without spending your whole day there. The staff is super cool and extremely knowledgeable and always makes a person feel welcome. Also, the inventory moves quick, so you're never looking at the same records twice.