Things We Love: Picks from Scott Woods

Scott Woods

Writer, poet and award-winning event organizer Scott Woods founded the organization Streetlight Guild to host multidisciplinary events with an emphasis on new work by underrepresented voices attempting to create Columbus culture from scratch. He is opening a performance space in the fall, and on Thursday, July 26, will be hosting “The Ogun Meji Duo +1” show, which combines live music and visual art (the +1 this time is Lance Johnson from NYC) created on-site at Art of Republic in the Short North beginning at 8 p.m. Here are a few things he loves.

Scary restaurants

If you're looking for Columbus culture, a good hole-in-the-wall is where it's at. I'm talking unapologetic places untouched by development and fire codes. I'd list a few but I want them to stay open. Places like this generally function as more than eateries — they're social centers — and when they're gone, so is a chunk of local color and history.

Kafe Kerouac

I've been running the Writers' Block Poetry night for almost 20 years, half of them in Kafe Kerouac. The owner lets me use it as a laboratory for new show ideas that other venues would be scared to host. We've broken a lot of things in that space in the name of poetry and the staff didn't even blink. You need places like that to build culture.

That black art is “in”

In 2017 I put on the event “Holler: 31 Days of Columbus Black Art” to prove that Columbus had plenty of world-class art that the city simply wasn't accessing as an audience or institutionally. I'm exceedingly proud to see so many of them — and more — getting their shine, rewards and respect.

Netflix bingeing

Remember when everyone thought Netflix was going to fold when they stopped sending DVDs in the mail? Netflix essentially immobilizes the country every other week with a new show that you have to watch fifteen episodes of just so you can throw shade properly on the internet.


No one who knows me even fleetingly is surprised by this one. My third book,Prince and Little Weird Black Boy Gods, is a collection of essays about the man. If you're an artist in this town and you want to make a quick buck, send me a link to some Prince art you created. No one in this city has more Prince art than I do, and 90 percent of it is locally made.