Things We Love: Picks from Robert Mason

Robert Mason
[Photo courtesy of Robert Mason]

Robert Mason performs a solo set every Thursday at Two Truths from 7-10 p.m. It's a cool cocktail bar in the Short North with an intimate vibe that makes it a great date spot. This Sunday, Sept. 2, Mason will be performing on the Hammond organ at Barcelona Restaurant, located in German Village, from 6 to 8 p.m. He will be joined by James Gaiters on drums and Eddie Bayard on tenor saxophone. Here are a few things Mason loves.

Yats Grandview

I've been hooked on this creole restaurant for months now. I stop in every week for lunch and order the Vegan White Chili with rice. I can't stay away!

Streaming shows

My schedule is pretty busy, so it takes me forever to finish a series. Right now I'm on season 6 of “Orange is the New Black,” and my wife and I have recently been watching “Insecure,” starring Issa Rae.


It used to be a problem because I collected sooooo many keyboards (note: my Hammond B3 has replaced our dining room table), but I've managed to scale down a bit. I fall in love with the unique qualities of each one, so you will usually see me with a different keyboard, depending on the type of music I'm playing.

Roaming in new cities

It's my favorite thing to do when I travel to a new place for the first time. I always try to get out early and explore for a couple hours (mainly in search for a new restaurant!). I'll be traveling to California for the first time in September, so I'm excited to see the West Coast.


I used to swim a lot as a kid growing up. It's great exercise and it helps me relax whenever I get stressed. Add a beach and I'm in heaven!