Blue Jackets 2018-19 season preview: Say hello to Riley and Anthony

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive
Riley Nash, Center

Columbus (4) vs Chicago (1)

There are a couple of new faces in the Blue Jackets' lineup this season. You might know a little about Riley Nash (the 29-year-old center played in Boston last year) and Anthony Duclair (a 23-year-old forward, he spent time with both Arizona and Chicago last season) as players, but we thought it would be cool to check in with the new Jackets and find out what they're into off the ice.

Alive: What did you know about Columbus before you signed here?

Nash: Other than how the team played? Not much. The 2007 draft was here, and that's when I was drafted, so I spent five days here as a 17-year-old. I think Comic-Con or something was going on so it was interesting. Come back now, 12 years later, and see some of the same things I remember vaguely … Goodale Park, up and down High Street, which has changed a lot, North Market.

Duclair: I knew about the team as an opponent and about the coach but not much about the city. I've learned it's easy to get around here. I live maybe 10 minutes from the arena. I'm not a big cooker so I go out and order in a lot, but I do grocery shop at Whole Foods.

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Alive: What's an ideal day for you in the offseason?

Nash: I have a little cabin back home (outside of Kamloops, British Columbia). I like to get there on weekends or whenever to relax.

Duclair: Wake up, work out, probably nap as much as possible, and hang out with family or friends. There's a lot of concerts and festivals in Montreal (where Duclair lives in the offseason). I try to keep up with those.

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Alive: During the season, what's an ideal evening for you?

Nash: Cooking at home. Because we eat out so much on the road, it's nice to cook as much as possible. And then hopefully there's a football game on, and I'm glued to the couch. I follow the [Seattle] Seahawks because they're on the West Coast, but I might jump on the Browns. I'm a big-time sports fan. I have a fantasy football team, so I try to stay up with it. Maybe go for some ice cream after.

Duclair: If there's a comedy show or a music show at [Nationwide Arena], I like to go to those. I saw Kevin Hart when he was here. I love comedy. For music, I love hip-hop, so … I saw Drake and Migos this summer. I like Kendrick Lamar. Usually during the year I just try to get as much rest as possible.

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Alive: Do you game?

Nash: I haven't for a while. The last thing was probably “Call of Duty.” You can hop on to play for an hour and it ends up so much longer and I think, ‘I've just wasted some prime sleeping time.' It's probably for the best I don't really play anymore.

Duclair: I didn't used to game but since “Fortnite” came out, I'm playing that with my cousins, never on there alone.

Alive: What are you watching on TV?

Nash: Nothing really besides sports. It's tough with golf going away. I'll watch some hockey if it's a good game, but mostly football.

Duclair: I'm watching a bunch. I download shows to watch on my laptop on a road trip on the plane. (Gets phone out) “Ozark,” “The Office,” “Black Mirror.” … I finished “Game of Thrones” last year. There's a bunch. I started saving shows in junior and just kept doing it. If there's a good hockey game on I'll watch it. I got interested in football the last couple years. I'm trying to get into college [football] a little bit being here, but there's not much interest in college in Montreal. My uncle played in the [Canadian Football League] in Calgary, but I don't follow the CFL.

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Alive: What do you like to cook?

Nash: Salmon, sweet potatoes, salads … I guess that's not cooking, but preparing them. I like rice dishes, with chicken and vegetables, with rice as the base. I'm not one of those people who eats one food at a time. I like to mish-mash it and get a lot of flavor all at once.

Duclair: (Long pause) I don't cook at all (laughter).

Alive: Do you have a favorite follow on social media?

Nash: (Conor Moore, @conor_sketches on IG) does impressions of golfers, fake interviews with Rory [McIlroy] or Phil [Mickelson]. He's spot on.

Duclair: Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports on IG) has some funny videos. Complex (@Complex on Twitter) updates you on celebrities and artists. There's something going on every day.