Things We Love: Picks from Pat Deering

Pat Deering
Photo by Nickey Winkelman

Pat Deering is a Cleveland native turned Columbus migrant who dabbles in law, insurance policy and comedy. He's a producer of the Whiskey Bear Comedy and Columbus Podcast festivals and is one of the creators of Columbus Stand Up for Choice — a quarterly comedy show at Ace of Cups that raises funds for reproductive rights organizations and abortion providers serving families in need in Central Ohio. One time, a free Christian magazine accused him of turning Columbus into “Sodom on the Scioto.” He's very proud and would like to thank his parents for believing in him. You can catch him this Friday, Oct. 12 at the Laff Raffle benefiting the Dick and Jane Project. Visit for more information.

The Dani California at Preston's: A Burger Joint

The absolute best veggie burger in Columbus. The house-made chickpea, beet and mushroom patty is the perfect combination of earthy and umami flavors. It's boldly seasoned and needs nothing more than mayo and LTO on it. I can't stop thinking about it and I'm not even a vegetarian.

Ohio Craft Brewers Association app

Ohio craft beer is growing faster than ever, and independent breweries are popping up in every town from Cincinnati to Ashtabula. Luckily, the Ohio Craft Brewers Association app gives you an easy way to explore almost all of them. The passport in the app is simple to use and nets you some pretty cool stuff every dozen or so new breweries you visit (my boyfriend and I are at around 50 or so currently). The app also comes with a tour planning function so you can easily map a weekend beer trip through the state — so get out there and do your part to reduce InBev's market share.

Stephen Breyer's dissent inRuiz v. Texas

It's no secret that America's prison system is a backwards atrocity. Overcrowded and serving corporate profit goals before civic interests, our prisons should be a source of national shame. Justice Breyer makes a well-reasoned argument against the barbaric practice of solitary confinement that I hope will serve as a guide to a more humane Supreme Court in the future.

Whoever punched Richard Spencer

Forever a hero.


That wild-eyed nightmare creature is everything a mascot should be: tubby, goofy and deeply unsettling. As America slides further and further into cultural decay and international irrelevance, videos of Gritty purposefully gunning down fans with T-shirt cannons and terrifying children at community parades will be my only true source of joy.