Cover: Four key Columbus Crew SC dates to watch

Justin McIntosh

The question no longer is: Will they stay, or will they go?

The Columbus Crew is saved (mostly). But as everyone should know by now, nothing's ever official until contracts are signed.

Here are four important dates to keep in mind as this saga continues to unfold.

TL;DR: Pretty much everything happens in early December.

Dec. 1: Decision on Obetz looms

The team's lease on the Obetz training facility technically runs through the end of the year. But, as Massive Report recently explained, the deadline for You Know Who to notify Obetz the team won't be renewing its lease is Dec. 1.

Dec. 3: Deadline for Modell Law ruling

Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Brown is set to rule on the lawsuit filed by the city and state against Precourt Sports Ventures.

Unless, that is, the two sides settle.

Dec. 8: MLS Cup

Sure would make a heckuva news splash for this saga to be neatly wrapped up during the run-up to MLS Cup, no?

Dec. 9: Expansion draft list is due

The day after MLS Cup, teams are required to submit a list of which players they'd like to protect in the upcoming expansion draft.

In other words, teams need to know if it's only Cincinnati drafting for the 2019 season or Cincinnati and Austin.

And, of course, the Crew needs to know if it's participating in the draft, too.