The List: Other things in Columbus that need saved (other than Crew SC)

Andy Downing
Hot Chicken Takeover

Whelp, the #SaveTheCrew movement might have actually saved the Crew, with momentum building around a potential new ownership group headlined by Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam. In the immediate aftermath, some took to social media both to congratulate those behind the movement and to push them to focus on, ahem, larger issues: How about you save the poor? We're going to avoid those larger, societal failings here and focus on a few other things around town we'd like to see the #SaveTheCrew folks save.

Fall weather

I swear, growing up in Ohio we used to get 60-degree days in October. Now it's either 85 and humid or 45 and rainy.

The intersection of Third and Mound streets

Traffic out of Downtown used to be great, but as of late it's been a nightmare come end-of-day rush hour, mostly owing to the construction and lane closures at Third and Mound. It seems like every decision officials have made in recent months has been designed to make the situation worse, like some kind of awful experiment to see how much nonsense drivers can tolerate. Yes, I get that Columbus traffic can't compare to other cities. “You're lucky we aren't Los Angeles,” you might be thinking. And, hey, you're probably right! But did the city have to shut down every bridge/outlet running south out of Downtown before tearing up that last major artery?

Traffic when it rains

What is it about a light drizzle that turns every road and highway into a parking lot? Get it together, folks.

Public transit

Until there's a real focus on public transportation, Columbus will remain a commuter city, and folks in neighborhoods like the Short North will continue to moan about parking.

My car

Speaking of driving, my car currently needs saving, since a busted exhaust, among numerous other issues, makes it sounds like I'm piloting a helicopter to and from work. (A sensation that's only compounded by sitting in rush hour traffic.)

Hot Chicken Takeover's Holy spice level

OK, so first off I love HTC. The chicken is generally plenty juicy, and the batter is always crisp and flavorful. (Plus the banana pudding is legit great.) That said the Holy spice level is hot at most. I'm not some sort of heat-loving masochist, either, but I do want a much more intense burn from the hottest offered option. Or at least an off-menu spice upgrade for those who want to get punched in the face. Metaphorically, that is.

Local music festivals

FMMF, PromoWest Fest and Fourth and Fourth are all gone, and Rock on the Range is now Sonic Temple. Actually, could we extend this to music venues, as well?

Internet comment sections

Maybe some things can't be saved.

Franklinton as an arts district

Development has long circled Franklinton, which has emerged as an essential arts district, and we're hoping the usual cycle of gentrification can somehow be avoided to preserve the arts community that has come to define the character of the neighborhood far more than any $1,400 efficiency apartment ever could.

The newspaper industry

I'm just asking for a friend.