Things We Love: Honey and Blue

Honey, Blue

Honey and Blue, comprising singer-songwriters Stephanie Amber and Adam Darling, is a mix of pop, soul and blues. Having met while working at the same bar in Los Angeles, the duo relocated to Columbus (Darling's hometown) to further pursue the pair's musical journey after finishing Honey and Blue's first album. The group's newest album, All The Feels, incorporates the artists' favorite genres into one project. Surrounded by some of Columbus' finest musicians, Honey and Blue will perform at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza on Dec. 11 at 8 p.m. Here are some things Amber and Darling love.

Cherbourg Bakery

As a duo, we challenge each other on many things, but no difference of opinion is more heated than which baked good is superior, the blueberry muffin or the baked cinnamon doughnut from Cherbourg Bakery. We've dueled, we've arm wrestled, we've even threatened to leave the band, but in the end we both end up winning when we visit our favorite bakery.

Used book stores

Not knowing what you might find but knowing you're surrounded by fascinating stories and hidden gems, used book stores provide comfort and adventure in one place. They also provide lots of Harry Potter editions and trinkets. A recent book we found in a free book box in Yellow Springs that is blowing our mind is calledKill ‘Em and Leave: Searching for James Brown and the American Soul by James McBride. Phenomenally well written and insightful, the author writes not only about the life of The Godfather but also of the complicated history of the American South. It's truly one for the books.


Braced neutral spine, hinging at the hips, lifting something heavy and setting it back down. There's something satisfying and grounding about practicing this movement. It makes you stronger, smarter and better looking (or at least one of those things). Movement is life, and deadlifting is a worthy skill we enjoy practicing.

New music, new music, new music

Since we happen to be pretty fond of all things music, finding new songs and artists that speak to us is such a treat. We cannot get enough of Emily King, who is releasing a new album in February. Is it February yet? Seriously, she and her producer, Jeremy Most, are incredible. Locally, we are loving James Harker's new song “Bummer.” He's part of two local bands, Spirit of the Bear and Ghost Soul Trio, and his new tune is a solo release.

The perfect taco

If there's one thing we take more seriously than baked goods and possibly music, it's tacos. Los Agavez Taqueria has some of the best authentic tacos in the city, and the food truck's chef, David, is not only world class but incredibly nice. We also love Cosecha Cocina, and their plantain taco goes quite well with a nice Reposado on the rocks.