Things We Love: Picks from Christine Horvath

Christine Horvath

Christine Horvath is a standup comic and storyteller. In December 2017, she launched BabeRoar, a platform to uplift LGBTQIA+, POC, femme and female artists. On Wednesday, Dec. 12, she'll be telling jokes at Wholly Craft with a bunch of other funny babes at her quarterly, all-female comedy showcase, Uproar. Tickets can be purchased at

Naomi Ekperigin

Ekperigin is a standup comic who reminds me of the importance of delivery in comedy. Her voice sounds the way that filling a flute with champagne looks: exciting, bubbly and a little fancy. I highly recommend her episode of the “Guys We F*cked” podcast; it had me LOL'ing the whole time. Her Comedy Central half hour is available to stream at Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @Blacktress.

“I'm Sorry”

“I'm Sorry” is a comedy series that was written and created by Andrea Savage. After indulging in the entire first season on Netflix multiple times, it's clear that she intentionally gave women the most screen time and purposefully cast with diversity in mind. She tackles tough issues like racism and homophobia through the non-threatening filter of her 5-year-old daughter.

Shopping Small

I LOVE giving my money to women, queer and POC-owned businesses — especially local ones. A few of my favorite local, small businesses to support with my wallet are Creative Babes, Momo Ghar and Laughlin's Bakery.

A great soy latte

I would sincerely spend my last dollar on a good latte. There are so many magnificent coffee shops in Columbus. A few of my favorites are Stauf's, Upper Cup and Brioso. The chai soy latte at Westerville's Java Central simply cannot be matched.

The Wowie Sowie

My partner, Griffin Browning, is a bartender and comedian, and yes, we are always making each other laugh! He recently made me a drink that he called a "Wowie Sowie." It's a whisky sour plus Rhinegeist's Wowie and grenadine. This drink is, in no uncertain terms, the bomb. 10/10. Do recommend.