The List: The top 10 Lists of 2018

Andy Downing

1. The List: 11 essential acts to see at Rock on the Range 2018

At least we got one more year of strong RotR traffic before organizers killed off the fest, replacing it with Sonic Temple, an arts and music fest with a headlining lineup that would have felt right at home at … Rock on the Range. (Take a bow, Foo Fighters, System of a Down and Disturbed.)

2. The List: Definitive ranking of board games

The gamer community is not to be trifled with, judging by the response to this List, with many commenters up in arms about Monopoly claiming the top slot, among other perceived injustices. This nearly turned into our own local gamer-gate.

3. The List: Marvel Cinematic Universe movies ranked

To mark the release of “Avengers: Infinity War,” film critic Brad Keefe ranked the 18 Marvel films from bad (“Iron Man 2”) to best (“Iron Man”). (We promise the other 16 films ranked are not all “Iron Man.”)

4. The List: Inside Columbus' Amazon bid*

We got a first look inside the city's pitch to woo HQ2 (spoiler alert: we didn't get it). To be honest, we weren't far off from reality.

5. The List: The top 24 films from A24 ranked

Brad Keefe might have had an easier time ranking beloved family members than in ranking the films from A24 studios, which has become a perennial favorite, regularly landing multiple features among his top 10 films of the year.

6. The List: Constructing the ideal Radiohead set list

Fun fact: This List wasn't far-removed from what fans experienced in Cincinnati the night after the Columbus stop. (Not that we're still bitter about missing out on a performance of “Talk Show Host.”)

7. The List: Other things in Columbus that need saved (other than Crew SC)

Sorry to inform you, Columbus, but you couldn't save my car. RIP, 2009 Nissan Versa.

8. The List: Shitholes, ranked

One small revision: With the Cleveland Browns looking respectable this season (I … I think we actually have a QB to build around) we can officially drop Browns Stadium from this List.

9. The List: Candidates who would be better suited to theSupremeCourt than Brett Kavanaugh

This entire spectacle is still so goddamned infuriating.

10. The List: The definitive, undisputed ranking of Girl Scout Cookies

Again, biggest apologies for the misprint of Trefoils at number two on this List. (Wait, Joel Oliphint meant to put that there? Hm. I see.)Joel's note: I stand by this more than anything I wrote in 2018.