Things We Love: Picks from Caroline Kraus

Caroline Kraus

Caroline Kraus has been slinging smiles, sandwiches and small talk since well before reaching legal drinking age.

Creating a space, even if only fleeting, where someone feels heard and seen is important to Caroline. She may only be taking your order, but by the end of the transaction she may have connected you with a new hairdresser, lawyer or perspective on any given situation.

Caroline is so grateful to have a little shop where people can bring her all their stories. Baba's is chugging along with some exciting future plans, including hanging some of Kraus' art in the space, a new seating arrangement and new menu items. As a new committee member of the University District's public art program, Kraus looks forward to supporting more public art, as well as using Baba's Hudson wall for future artists to splash ideas upon.

Here are a few things she loves:

GoreMade Pizza

I had this roasted corn, bacon and shaved Brussels sprout pizza that about had me crying. Owner Nick Gore also has one of the most beautiful patios in the city.

Homemade brand Ice Cream

I have a bowl almost every night: coconut almond chip, cherry cordial or even just the straight up chocolate. I'm currently waiting patiently for peach to come back around.

Thunderkiss Coffee

This stuff is my life blood. Even before we started slinging it in the shop, we always had bags or growlers of cold brew littering our house. Jason Valentine has that fist-crack magic down on those beans, and I am a forever fan.

Biggie Pop's Instagram account (@biggypop)

Iggy Pop and his bird singing, dancing and straight lounging. On my hardest days, I frequent that space.