Things We Love: Picks from Anietra Hamper

Anietra Hamper

Columbus native and former television news anchor Anietra Hamper has more than 100 must-do things that Cbus residents should try in her new book, 100 Things To Do In Columbus Before You Die (Reedy Press). This destination and experience-based book comes on the heels of her book Secret Columbus (Reedy Press), which unearths secrets of the city and gives readers new places to explore.

When Anietra is not looking for new experiences in Columbus, she is writing stories about fishing, hiking, glacier trekking, dog sledding, whitewater rafting and more for various travel outlets. For now, she is in Columbus promoting and signing her new book at local events. She will be at the North Market on May 29 (4-7 p.m.), the Thurber House on June 6 (7 p.m.) and the Book Loft on June 9 (1 p.m.), among other locations listed on her website, Here are a few things she loves.


There is nothing that can outshine confidence. It is the most important trait that a person can possess. As a recipient of the YWCA Women of Achievement award, I am honored to be in a league of some of the most confident and successful women in Columbus. My wish is that we can continue to impart confidence on the young women growing up in our community.

The Boat House Restaurant

I recently re-fell-in-love with the Boat House Restaurant at Confluence Park in Downtown Columbus. Before this year, the last time I was there was for my 1991 Centennial High School prom. The steak there is outstanding, the fireplace is inviting and the patio has the best waterfront and skyline views of Downtown, especially at sunset.


Boxing is my thing now. As an avid extreme outdoors enthusiast, it takes a lot to push me past my endurance threshold, but my trainers at TITLE Boxing Club Westerville do it four to five times a week. It's the most intense workout I've ever experienced, and I love it because I also learn practical self-defense techniques, like the lethal ability of an elbow. After a car accident in 2015 that left me with a serious neck injury, I never thought that I would be able to resume this kind of physical activity, and now it's central to my life.

Exploring Ohio

While traveling the world for my story assignments enables me to uncover some cool experiences, I get the same thrill while finding new places in Ohio. Exploring the back roads in the state on weekend motorcycle trips (as the passenger, not the driver) is one of my favorite things to do because I always stumble on a new town, restaurant or scenic landscape that I never knew was there.

The '80s

I never stopped loving the '80s. I listen to the music, enjoy feeling nostalgic for the mood and I love the mental throwbacks to MTV, parachute pants and banana hair clips. True story: I've been reprimanded at every TV station that I've ever worked for, for having big hair (iconic of the '80s), which sometimes challenged the conservative and polished appearance required in my talent contracts. Somewhere in an HR office at one of the local TV stations is a note in my file from a news director who did not fully appreciate my explanation that the '80s were good years and big hair was essential.