Things We Love: Picks from Sarah Schmidt of Malt Adult 14

Sarah Schmidt
Sarah Schmidt

Sarah Schmidt has been animating professionally since getting a bachelor’s degree at Columbus College of Art & Design in 2014. Recently, she started Sunshine Mall, LLC, an animation/illustration partnership with friend and collaborator Ian Ballantyne. Between commercial work and animating short films, Schmidt curates Malt Adult, a bimonthly screening of independent animation that is currently shaping and pushing the medium. The next show is Saturday, July 20, at Skylab Gallery. Here are a few things she loves.

The ghost of the Neil Avenue Giant Eagle

One of my favorite things about Victorian Village is living beside a weird strip where you can get coffee, bagels, noodles and even do a CVS run all in one fell swoop. The best part is the wacky space Last Call Liquor, which, upon walking into, you might think: “I had a dream I was in a dilapidated grocery store and I couldn’t get to any of the groceries. All that I could buy was liquor, some of it very discounted and questionably flavored.”

Honestly, Sad Boyz

OK, I just deleted what I typed about this because I gushed too hard. I am not afraid to admit that I love going to this weekly event at Skully’s. I’m also glad that it is on a Wednesday (I am not trying to revive painful high school memories on my weekend). I made art for them for three years straight. At the end of it I was doing social media posting, which sent me into a weird emo-existential crisis, so I passed the torch to really rad local artist Khaila Carr (hi, Khaila)!

Making my computer read to me

If you’re on a Mac and have something you want to read but your eyes are busy, you can highlight all of the words, right click and “add to iTunes as spoken track” or “start speaking.” I am sure there are apps that do this better, but I have become really comforted by the computer’s voice talking to me. The BEST, though, is if you’ve ever kept a dream journal that happened to be typed. Nothing feels quite as out-of-body as a robot reading you absolute lucid nonsense that you totally wrote while you were half asleep.

Independent animation

If you’ve ever been to Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (GO!), you know that the indie comix scene is alive and well. Animation can’t be that far behind (and the community there has also existed for generations) with technology making the form more accessible to make and share. I am so excited for the next handful of years! In the meantime, Malt Adult is definitely not the only thing trying to contribute to the conversation. There is Peter Steineck’s Hellavision Television (Minneapolis) and Sam Gurry’s Animation Brüt (Los Angeles), along with many more. Jonah Primiano has a fantastic zine/essay series called Mostly Moving, which just released issue three. GLAS Animation Festival recently announced a touring set of curated short films. When that comes to town, tell all your friends, “WE HAVE TO GO!” The shorts on the bill will cut into your gut.