Things We Love: Picks from DJ Lady Sandoval

DJ Lady Sandoval
DJ Lady Sandoval

Los Angeles native Sara Rose, aka DJ Lady Sandoval, moved to Columbus in 2014 for a new job opportunity. Since then, she's found a home in the bustling Columbus nightlife. She co-founded 614Tiki (with partners Rebecca Monday and Greg Burnett), which started her passion for DJing. She's now a monthly guest DJ at the iconic Heatwave (with DJs Adam Scoppa and Foxx Smoulder) and hosts a monthly all-vinyl party at Little Rock called Fuzz on Fourth, focusing on psych, surf and garage rock. 

This week, she's DJing at the Columbus Museum of Art's Blacklit Psychedelic Party. Celebrating current exhibit “Blacklight Magic,” she'll be spinning classic psych-rock while Toledo’s Wet Sun Light Show projects psychedelic sights in the CMA gallery. 

Here are a few of her favorite things.

The Jungle Bird at the Oracle

This cocktail leans more on the complex and bitter side of tiki drinks. The addition of Campari somehow enhances the flavor of the lime and pineapple. It’s easy to tip the scales on its flavors, so a well-balanced one, to me, is really special. The Oracle has a great cocktail program, but the Jungle Bird really stands out, and it’s perfect when sipping on the patio. The Oracle is also only a mile away from my house and features some of the city’s best DJs, so you'll usually find me there, Jungle Bird in hand.

La Plaza Tapatia

This expansive market on the West Side reminds me of home. It has great produce, spices and my favorite Mexican snacks and treats like pan dulce, tres leches, Jarritos and raspados — all things I enjoyed while growing up in LA's San Gabriel Valley. I shop there for the fresh tropical fruits that we use in 614Tiki's drinks. They also have great pre-marinated meats for grilling and all the ingredients I need to make eloté, aka Mexican street corn, which is my favorite food.

"Always and Forever" by Heatwave 

This is my favorite slow jam, hands down. When preparing my set for a slow jam night I hosted at Two Truths, I knew I had to spin it. I searched a few local record stores for the 45, not knowing I already owned it and had catalogued it incorrectly in my collection some time ago. When I found it, I realized it was actually my grandmother's old copy. It was an emotional reminder of all the great music she introduced me to, which lives on in her records that I continue to spin. 

New locations for my favorite Columbus businesses 

We all can be resistant to change, especially as Columbus continues to push out beloved businesses from key areas such as the Short North. However, I really love the new locations for Flower Child and Spoonful Records. The clothing section in Flower Child’s East Fifth Avenue store in Italian Village is so much easier to browse, and I always find something; I’m constantly on the hunt for dresses and other chic vintage pieces for Heatwave. Spoonful's new East Rich Street spot Downtown feels so spacious, has ample parking and has a great new 45 section. It’s also around the corner from some of my favorite bars and restaurants in the city.

Mid-century modern lamps

I always dreamed of having original mid-century pieces, but they’re so expensive in LA. Since moving to Columbus I’ve decked out my home in original mid-century furniture, with maybe a few too many lamps. Heritage Square Antique Mall and the Springfield Antique malls and seasonal extravaganzas are where I’ve found most of them. Antiquing in Central Ohio is unparalleled.

Columbus Museum of Art

9 p.m. Thursday, July 25

480 E. Broad St., Downtown

Blacklit Psychedelic Party