Things We Love: Picks from Kareem Jackson

Kareem Jackson
Kareem Jackson

When Kareem Jackson isn't helping people in Columbus search for their dream home or sell their own home, he is hosting events. His first event, monthly hip-hop party Get Right, is coming to an end after 12 years. The final edition happens on Saturday, Nov. 2, at Skully's Music-Diner. 

Here are a few things Jackson loves.

Hoyo's in the North Market

It's a pleasure to get great Somalian food in the North Market and add some diversity to the options. The portions, flavors and staff at Hoyo's make it my No. 1 place to eat in the North Market.

"My Hero Academia" season 4

I am a big fan of anime. "My Hero Academia" is one of my favorite series, and it has returned for a fourth season. To sum it up, it's a show about a kid with heart who gains superpowers and joins a school for future heroes. There is a lot more to the plot, but I don't want to give it away because I want people to watch. It's a well-written show and fun.

Westgate and Wilshire Heights

Both areas are gems of the West Side with affordable colonial and Tudor homes. Lots of younger people are moving to the area and it's growing. The community puts on a lot of events like the Westgate Market and Westgate Summer Jam, which is a music fest.


I'm a carnivore for sure, but Comune's vegetarian/vegan menu is amazing. The atmosphere is cool and fresh, and they have the best cocktails and wine. I like to pop in to grab a drink once in a while just to listen to the playlist of music. It's the best.

Shinola watches

Besides the watches being well-designed and cool, I dig that everything is made in Detroit and the company employs Detroit natives. Shinola is helping to revive one of my favorite cities. There is something to love about a company that is bringing jobs back to a community of people.