Things We Love: Picks from Tristan Whitney Weary

Tristan Whitney Weary
Tristan Whitney Weary

Tristan Whitney Weary is an Ohio-based photographer. He shoots bands, products, events, landscapes and portraits, with a special emphasis on creative lighting. He’ll even shoot your portrait, if you ask. (Find his work at and on Instagram at (at)tristanwearyphoto.)

Here are a handful of things he's digging as of late:

Columbus bike trails

When I started bike commuting to work in the late '90s, it was literally a dodgy proposition. Drivers had no idea how to safely pass a bicyclist, and other bicyclists didn’t know which side of the road to ride on. There were no bike lanes and few bike trails. People thought I was crazy for riding to work. The few bike stores we had were aimed at cycling fanatics, which discouraged casual riders.Today, there’s a huge network of paved trails, friendly bike shops and, most importantly, a vibrant culture of safe and enthusiastic bicycling in this city.

"True Crime Garage"

Unfortunately, I can’t bicycle to work anymore. Fortunately, there’s an enormous selection of fascinating podcasts to play during my drive. I’m a huge fan of science and history podcasts, but I get my true crime fix from Columbus’ own "True Crime Garage." Nick and The Captain tell horrifying yet compelling stories with great production values and genuinely hilarious one-liners. Since they’re local, they’ve also been able to investigate a few Columbus-area disappearances that remain unsolved.

We’re in Trouble by Christopher Coake

This collection of dark short stories is set in and around Central Ohio. Coake's characters navigate the vicissitudes of anxiety, obsession and despair while confronting difficult-but-relatable moral choices. Coake avoids typical horror-genre tropes like the paranormal and instead focuses on the darkness that exists under the surface of our everyday lives. Each story ratchets the tension higher until it reaches a terrifying full boil by the end of the book. Coake was a Columbus resident when he wrote it, so the locations and people ring true.

The Cola Corporation

Very much a reaction to Trumpism, this new political streetwear brand has a simple mission statement: Kill American myths. One of my favorite Cola t-shirts has an image of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein in 1983. Another shirt implores us to DEL ALT-RIGHT CTRL. 

The back roads of Ohio

Since moving to the country, I’ve been exploring the capillaries that run from Route 33 to the rural areas of Southeast Ohio. Columbus is big, but it’s flat and there’s no mystery. Driving down a gravel road in Hocking or Morgan County, there’s no telling what kind of creepy, decaying farmhouse you might encounter. Round a curve and you might find yourself in a dark, foggy grove of deciduous trees that looks like a scene from "Lord of the Rings." People might know about the famous locations, like the Hocking Hills and Moonville, but there’s plenty out there to be explored if you have a full tank of gas and a free afternoon.