The List: Ranking magnificent M words to mark upcoming Michigan match

Amdy Dowmimg
Words With Friends

This year's rivalry game between Ohio State and Michigan takes place Saturday, Nov. 30, which means Buckeye fans have spent much of the week celebrating the letter M. In that spirit, we’re ranking our favorite M words.

Unranked: Masthead

To be honest, we really liked this one back when we had an actual staff. Now? Not so much. (Right, Joel?)

10. Mammogram

So many Ms.

9. Magnets

How do they work?

8. Madras

Translates roughly to “wrinkled,” or at least it should.

7. Maudlin

I dislike maudlin things, but appreciate the construction of the word itself.

6. Malort

Believe it or not, I actually sort of love this infamous Chicago liquor, which tastes almost identical to grapefruit rind.

5. Mainsail

Bonus if you sing it like the Beach Boys.

4. Malapropism

If you’re installing a new concrete walkway as a home DIY project, you’ll need to procure a semen mixer.

3. Malamute

It’s fun to say, and the breed of dog can howl like an honest-to-God ambulance.

2. Malemiut

Denotes speakers of an Inuit dialect, and earned me my highest-yet word score in Words With Friends.

1. Malarkey

More than a great M word, this is arguably one of the best words, period.