Things We Love: Picks from Bryan Christopher Moss

Bryan Christopher Moss
Bryan Christopher Moss

Bryan Christopher Moss is a painter, muralist, illustrator, educator and creative director who has been working in Columbus as a professional artist for the past 20 years. As a part of the Greater Columbus Arts Council’s “Art Makes Columbus” campaign, Moss has been featured prominently on billboards across the city. Along with managing his arts business, Moss teaches comics and illustration at Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus Museum of Art and Picassos Art Studio.

On Friday, Dec. 13, Moss will be part of “Friends of Spaceboy,” a group show curated by local artist Hakim Callwood and inspired by Callwood’s beloved character, Spaceboy. The exhibition will take place at Close Quarters Social Gaming Club as part of Franklinton Fridays and will also feature artwork from Jeff Sims, Paula Jackson and others.

Here are a few things that keep Moss inspired to create in the city.

German Village Coffee Haus

I’m a huge fan of Columbus staples that are tried and true. Growing up on the South Side of Columbus, one of my favorite memories is going to German Village Coffee Haus. I think of it as a sanctuary. The food is amazing and affordable, the staff and management are professional. It’s great to see familiar faces and meeting new regulars there.

The Columbus Museum of Art

I have spent my entire life at the Columbus Museum of Art. My father worked there when I was a kid, so I used to spend a lot of time staring at the canvases, finding familiar faces in the art. Every time I go there it's like visiting old friends. The museum is a safe space for me where I can absorb lots of creative energy and have dialog about art. Also, did I mention the food is really good, too? I’m assuming you see a common theme here.

Schiller Park

Growing up as a latchkey kid, my sister and I went to Schiller Park after school. That’s where I cut my teeth as an artist. Schiller Park is such a meditative space where the creativity pours out of me every time I take a walk or think back on those fond memories. I’m glad that Columbus has maintained this park so well. To me, Schiller Park is one of the best kept secrets in the city.

Roosevelt Coffee

Artists like to hide in public. It’s weird. We hate working in isolation, but don’t want to be bombarded by people talking to us. Roosevelt Coffee strikes the perfect balance. Super chill vibes, and the coffee is always consistent. Great place for artists to set up camp and work.

Half Price Books

This one is for all my book worms. Half Price Books is a magical place. I can dig for hours looking for old comics, VHS, laser disc or cassette tapes. I sometimes just go there to look around for inspiration. I always find stuff that I’ve never seen before! It’s an endless well of inspiration and goodies.