The List: Songs to which we're currently washing our hands

Andy Downing
It's time to wash your hands

Current CDC guidelines suggest that one of the best ways individuals can combat the coronavirus is through vigilant handwashing, with the agency stating that 20 seconds of vigorous scrubbing can break down the virus and limit its spread. As a timing mechanism, the CDC said people could hum "Happy Birthday" twice while lathering up, which quickly progressed to scrubbers suggesting alternate soaping songs, which, as most things in our culture, quickly turned into a meme.

If you're looking for a new handwashing soundtrack, though, we have a few suggestions.

Jensen McRae: "White Boy"

The 22-year-old Los Angeles singer and songwriter delivers on this lush, symphonic earworm.

The Weeknd: "Alone Again"

"Together we're alone," the R&B lothario sings on his latest, which comes on like an accidental commentary on social distancing.

Phoebe Bridgers: "Garden Song"

"Someday I'm going to live in your house up on the hill," Bridgers sings near the onset of this understated tune, offering promise of a future spent in rooms other than the ones to which we're currently confined. (At one point she even sings about visiting a movie theater. A movie theater!)

John Cage: "4.33"

Select any 20 second passage of this ambient score and enjoy the gentle rush of water from the faucet and the wet squelch of your hands creating a cleansing lather.

Dua Lipa: "Physical"

You'll inevitably find yourself belting, "Come on! Let's get physical" as you scrub the remaining layers of skin from your increasingly raw hands. (I imagine Big Hand Lotion is flourishing in spite of the current stock market crash that has reduced most 401Ks to 4Ks, at best.)

Christine and the Queens: "People, I've Been Sad"

Talk about an appropriate soundtrack for this point in human history.

The Gin Blossoms: "Hey Jealousy"

I mean, always.