The List: Seven people who look anything but 'weak' in a mask

Andy Downing
Orville Peck

Earlier this week, conservative website The Federalistpublished a garbage editorial in which the writer argued that President Donald Trump should not wear a mask in the midst of a coronavirus spread that has shuttered much of the planet because the image of Trump in a mask would be “a searing image of weakness.” This is troubling for a number of reasons, but primarily for equating the idea of following proper medical procedure with weakness. (“You’ll need to be on these crutches for eight weeks following surgery, if you’re a coward, that is.”)

Besides, Trump’s weakness is on display anytime that he logs onto Twitter, or whenhe’s challenged with even the mildest question during a press conference.

Anyway, here are seven masked folks that anyone would be hard-pressed to describe as weak.

1. This firefighter searching the World Trade Center rubble in the aftermath of 9/11

It would have been easy to just slap down any number of superheroes or masked crime fighters and call it a day, but I’d like to hear anyFederalist writer or MAGA leg-humper attempt to use the word “weak” when describing this image.

2. Tom Hardy’s Bane

Hardy is one of our great living actors, and his Bane was wonderful even if you couldn’t understand a single thing he said. (If he were reading that previous sentence, it would sound something like, “Hghgty swone ogh thgeewest livvg actts…” Anyway, you get the idea.) Side note: Years ago in Chicago, I got to see Hardy perform the lead in a play directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman, and when lights went up at intermission I realized that Hoffman was sitting three seats over from me, drinking a Red Bull and looking perfectly rumpled. The whole experience was awesome.

3. Elastigirl

She’s the glue that holds together the Incredibles family, as well as its fiercest fighter.

4. Hooded Justice in HBO’s “The Watchmen”

The first masked avenger, played as a young man by Jovan Adepo, has a backstory that brings added depth and context to Damon Lindelof’s adaptation of the Alan Moore comic.

5. Mayor Andrew Ginther

This is really just an excuse to recyclethese admittedly poor Photoshops that we knocked out earlier this year, but the truth of the entry stands.

6. Orville Peck

The queer Canadian country singer creates an aching, haunting soundtrack that wouldn’t feel out of place in a David Lynch film, all while wearing a fringed Lone Ranger mask that enhances the sense of mystery in his music.

7: Literally anyone

Because there is nothing weak about wearing a mask, whether we're in the midst of a global pandemic or not. To suggest otherwise only speaks to your own shortcomings and cowardice.