The List: Nine tweets Mayor Ginther should have deleted instead

Andy Downing
In response to the racial unrest in the city, Mayor Andrew Ginther marches with church and city leaders from around Columbus through the King-Lincoln District on Sunday, May 31.

When Mayor Andrew Ginther logged on to Twitter over the weekend to weigh in on the protests that have gripped the city for the last six days, he described the police response as overwhelminglymeasured and restrained,” words that were met with derision across some social media channels, paired as they werewith images of demonstrators being pepper-sprayed at close range

The next day, Mayor Ginther posted a series of messages on Twitter, since deleted, that included comparatively stronger wording, writing in part,“Some of what we saw [Saturday] from @ColumbusPolice was aggressive.” (You can stillview the mayor's archived tweets here.)

Perhaps the mayor deleted these posts to avoid further conflict with the Fraternal Order of Police, which released itsown statement over the weekend charging Ginther with playing political games that further "divide our community."

Regardless, we combed the mayor's 5,000+ impossibly milquetoast Twitter posts to highlight nine that he could have deleted instead.

1. But all of these photos were taken in the daytime.

2. Maybe this one needed more conversation.

3. This doesn't end the way you hope it will.

4. "Mixed-use development" is the mayor's safe word.

5. When your city is named for someone who has a legacy of genocide against Native Americans maybe Thanksgiving is one holiday you don't log on.

6. And yet here we are.

7. Warriirs, come out to pla-aayyy.

8. Fascinating.