The List: Guessing the top-selling albums at Spinning Disc Records for the week of June 1

Andy Downing
Ted Nugent

While thousands in Columbus marched in support of racial justice, some business owners embraced the opportunity to take a different stance. This included Ron Smith, owner of Westerville’s Spinning Disc Records, who logged on to voice his displeasure in the most reasoned (read: insane) manner possible. 

“Lots of gunshots out here in the country tonight. I guess people are practice shooting for what’s coming,” he wrote. “When these real Patriots come in they will end all these protests and riots once and for all. They will do what the police and national guard is not allowed to do. So all you pussy mayors and governors pull them back and let real Patriots take care of this mess.”

Ah, the violent suppression of constitutionally protected protest. The true “Patriot” way. (Reached by phone, Smith confirmed he was the owner and asked about the validity of the viral post he said, "The apologies are over.")

Obviously, Smith’s words spread like wildfire on social media, with many calling for a boycott of the store, which has since made its Facebook page private (always good for business).But... assuming Spinning Disc maintained hours in the days following the controversy, the store certainly soldsomerecords. 

Here’s our best guess at what the shoppers who remained picked in the days immediately following Smith’s frothing rant.

6. Trapt, Someone in Control

Singer Chris Taylor Brown isa fun Twitter follow, assuming you’re a masochist.

5. Skrewdriver, Freedom What Freedom

Boy, that title alone really makes you think, doesn’t it? (It does not.)

4. Eric Clapton, Slow Hand

Only because the store doesn’t offer a recording of the (once? current?) Columbus resident’s racist 1976 rant in which he professed that England was a white country and expressed a desire to keep out “the black wogs and coons and Arabs,” among others. (And for whichhe’s at least taken accountability, unlike others on this list.)

3. Slayer, Repentless

Slayer has dabbled with Trumpism in the past,posting his photo on its official Instagram. More recently, Tom Araya’s wife has taken tosharing anti-protest, racist memes on social media. When the shoe fits.

2. Morrissey, I Am Not a Dog on a Chain

Morrissey has evolved from a slightly insufferable vegan to someone who has grown increasingly comfortable with expressing far right anti-immigrant views.

1. Ted Nugent, The Music Made Me Do It

Do what, Ted?Poop?