Play Alive's 'American Cruise' Bingo

Andy Downing
Alive's American Cruise Bingo card

Recently, Trump caravans have become a go-to means for the president's more avid supporters to convey their enthusiasm, whether on water (and sometimes underwater) or on land. In Portland, Oregon, a Trump caravan clashed with protesters and Black Lives Matter demonstrators, with Trump supporters deploying pepper spray and firing paintballs into the crowd, tactics the president later defended. "Paint is not bullets," he said. Not that his response would have been any different if actual bullets had been fired.

Now it appears as if these caravans have made their way to Ohio with the American Cruise (subhead: Trump 2020 "Keep America Great"). Supporters are slated to meet in the Walmart parking lot in Circleville at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 12, and will then drive through Downtown Columbus before circling back to the starting point. A flyer advertising the event reminds participants to "make sure you have flags all over your vehicles," so it should be quite the festive parade. 

For those who happen to be Downtown when the caravan passes through, Alive has crafted this handy game board. See if you can hit for bingo!

Alive's American Cruise Bingo