Joel's favorite interview quotes of 2020

Joel Oliphint
Gary Lovely, marketing manager at the Book Loft

“There’s people that don’t even know us that are like, ‘This is obviously dumb, guys. These are some hippies on a bus.' And that’s 100 percent what we are.” - Flow Arts performer Stephen Palmer, who was detained by police during Downtown protests

“I wouldn’t come here. I’m not asking anybody to come out. It is not a priority to get drunk with your buddy. It’s just not. You get the whole rest of your life to do that.” - Little Rock Bar owner Quinn Fallon 

"What I need to be happy is a city I love that is also sustainable for folks at the margins." - Hanif Abdurraqib

“Like the climate crisis, we are approaching a point of no return [with misinformation online]. And it may be that we’ve already passed it, but we can’t know that. And that’s not reason to just give up. That’s actually the reason to try even harder, because there’s so much to lose. If we’re asking the right questions, we are that much more likely to arrive at some solutions. ... There’s a chance we could get it right. And there’s also a chance that we could get it wrong. But the possibility that we could get it right is enough to try as hard as we can and defend democracy with all our might.” - Whitney Phillips, Syracuse University professor and co-author of You Are Here: A Field Guide for Navigating Polluted Information

“It’s like the most beautiful part of hell that you could possibly come into — like if there is an extra circle somewhere, and there’s books and a bunch of total psychopaths that are trying to sell it to you. That’s the Book Loft.” - Gary Lovely, marketing manager at the Book Loft

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“It’s the fate of monuments to be in a state of potential disgrace.” - artist and filmmaker Mark Lewis

“I think it’s important, especially with the ‘Boomer’ meme going around, that younger people understand that there are many older people in the community who can’t come out and stand next to them, but who do stand with them, striving to beat systemic racism.” - Cheryl Best, co-organizer of the Safely Supporting Black Lives Matter Car Parade

“The goal is to look up at the full moon and just imagine a bunch of bands playing up there. ... We really want to be careful that people don’t actually go to the moon, because I studied this, and the moon has pretty terrible weather. It goes from negative 250 to 250 degrees." - Chris Till, organizer of New Elf City

“We put a lot of love and passion into the boards. I’m proud that we created something that the city wants to save. So I would never say throw it all away. But what I will say is, I don’t think that is the main concern. Everybody is so focused on some material item that can be saved. ... But all that doesn’t really mean anything because it’s like... we’re still dying!” - artist/muralist Lisa McLymont

“I definitely don’t think that Stephen King is the devil." - musician Glenn Davis

"Can’t we help those people get back into housing so they have some stability in their life? It boggles my mind that they don’t take action more quickly. We try to press our case with them. We talk to a lot of people in the governor’s office. We have nice conversations. There’s certainly good people around the administration. But they’ve not gotten it together to address this, and it really needs to change quickly.” - Bill Faith, executive director of the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio

"We can’t help people deal with whatever underlying issues are leading them to or causing substance use disorder or opioid misuse if they’re dead. ... I don’t think we’re doing enough in the United States to actually help people. And we haven’t done enough, in part, because we haven’t listened enough to people who use drugs.” - author Jack Shuler

"What does live music mean to you? What do these artists mean to you? Take a second to respect it and realize how deep the meaning is for a lot of people, and to celebrate it. I think it’s wrong if we just take it for granted.” - photographer Chris Casella

“Last year we dispensed about $590,000 worth of medication from March 12 to April 12. This year, over the same four weeks, we dispensed about $2.4 million,” Jennifer Seifert, executive director of the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio

“I know that the right move is to shut my taproom down. I wanted DeWine to do it for me. I wanted him to make the hard decision and shut us down, and then I can blame him for my [bad] numbers. But the truth is, at a time like this, you keep looking outside for answers, and there either aren’t any, or they’re the same answers now for nine, 10 months, and they’re not the correct answers. ... I don’t look to leaders anymore because they don’t lead. They just talk. ... When leadership fails, be your own leader.” - Joe Wilson, CEO of Homestead Beer Co. in Heath, Ohio