The List: Other maps to consider with Ohio districts still up in the air

With the state Supreme Court again rejecting proposed legislative district maps, it’s back to the drawing board

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Ohio 2 is trending on Twitter and it all started with a map.

On Monday, the Ohio Supreme Court again rejected new legislative district maps, ruling in a 4-3 vote that the proposed plans violated the anti-gerrymandering provisions of the state constitution.

“Throughout the process, the Republican map drawers refused to expressly work toward a 54 to 46 percent partisan share,” read the majority opinion. “Yet that is not a ‘superficial ratio,’ a ‘Democratic ratio,’ or an ‘arbitrary percentage,’ as one commissioner cavalierly dismissed it. Rather, as we made clear in [the earlier ruling], it is a foundational ratio created not by this court or by any particular political party but instead etched by the voters of Ohio into our Constitution.”

The maps in question would have created 57 Republican and 42 Democratic districts in the Ohio House, along with 20 Republican districts to 13 Democratic districts in the Ohio Senate. Over the past 10 years, Ohio voters have split roughly 54 percent Republican to 46 percent Democratic.

The Ohio Redistricting Commission will now have until the end of Feb. 17 to (again) adopt new House and Senate maps, with a copy filed to the Supreme Court by 9 a.m. on Feb. 18.

While we wait to see how things will unfold over the coming weeks, here are some other maps with which you can occupy your time.

Maps & Atlases

Perch Patchwork, the 2010 debut album from the Chicago math-rock band, doesn’t completely abandon the slippery, frenetic musical pace of earlier EPs, though the crew does dial it back on songs such as “Solid Ground,” which delivers musically what is promised by its title.

Driving directions printed out by my dad on MapQuest

Long after Google established its dominance, my dad continued to print out directions for any road trip on MapQuest. (It’s also worth noting that in lieu of simply forwarding emails, he used to print multiple copies and then mail them to me and my sisters via the USPS.)

Map of the Soul: 7 by BTS

I still consider this “the other BTS,” with the original forever being Built to Spill.

Mapo Tofu from Chilispot

A stretch for this list, to be sure, but we’ll allow it as a means to highlight this fiery offering from this consistently impressive restaurant.

The “Long Chile” map of Canada and the Americas

There’s so much to enjoy here, from Long Chile, which now snakes up the entire West Coast, to Virginia being renamed East Virginia, with West Virginia adopting the name Virginia in its place. Also of note: Multiple Ohios, one of which (Ohio 2) would become the new home to the nation's capital. 

“Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Cultural critic Chuck Klosterman described this as the best song ever written about cartography, which likely holds up when you consider its only competition might be a Maroon 5 track that shares a name ("Maps") but none of YYY’s charms.

The evergreen idea that Columbus could one day be on the map

We’ll get there one day, folks. All in good time.